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Leaflets to prove Umno’s role in Penang riot

 | July 14, 2011

The Penang government has printed leaflets in various languages to show that Umno, Perkasa and Suara Anak Anak Mamak Pulau Pinang were responsible for the chaos in the city.

GEORGE TOWN: Now, the buzz word is documented evidence. The Penang government says it has proof of Umno’s involvement in the July 1 rioting that brought the city to a three-hour standstill. It has published a four-page leaflet to prove that the rioting in George Town was a Umno-sponsored demonstration.

Umno’s state chairman Zainal Abidin Osman has denied Umno’s involvement in the rioting. So far, only the Malay and Mandarin editions of the leaflet have been distributed across the state.

The Malay edition contains 11 images of the rioting and the state government’s argument is that the presence of Umno Senator Ezam Mohd Nor indicates that Umno was behind the demonstration.

“Umno is hoodwinking the people by denying its involvement in the violent street rally. Based on evidence, it’s clear that the violent protest was carried out by Umno leaders, members and supporters,” the state government charged.

State executive councillor in charge of information, Abdul Malik, confirmed that the communications team under the Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s office published the leaflets.

The leaflets have been distributed since last Saturday and many have found the leaflets in their mailbox this week.

Malik said the leaflets were important to disseminate the correct information about the riot to the people of Penang.

During the protest, some 300 supporters from Umno, Perkasa and an unregistered NGO Suara Anak Anak Mamak Pulau Pinang held a noisy march and a violent demonstration in the city centre, condemning both the Pakatan state government and the Bersih 2.0 rally.

Chanting anti-government and anti-Bersih slogans, the rioters marched between Masjid Kapitan Keling and Komtar against the traffic flow causing traffic to come to a standstill.

The rowdy protesters hit the windshields of cars, violently shoved media personnel and intimidated panic-stricken passers-by and motorists.

Several Umno leaders, including Ezam, gave anti-state government and anti-Lim speeches.

Rally at the bridge

Another group proceeded to the Penang Bridge and held a separate rally, carrying banners, waving the Malaysian flag and handing out flags to passers-by.

The rioters even threatened to throw reporters off the bridge. Their illegal demonstration near the middle span caused a massive 10-km long traffic congestion on the island.

Police detained eight people, including Ezam and the Mamak group chief Mohamed Ghani Abdul Jiman but all were released a few hours later.

There were rumours claiming that the rioters were paid between RM50 and RM100 per person to take part in the illegal rally.

It’s learnt that Umno’s partners in the state Barisan Nasional have strongly censured the rioting and criticised the “big brother” for sponsoring it.

They said during the June 12 convention, BN leaders had agreed unanimously that the coalition would move as a collective opposition to check the Pakatan government.

“But Umno, being Umno, won’t listen and still wants to hang on to outdated political tactics. Umno still wants to act shamefully like a big bully,” some BN leaders said.


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