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More exposé by DAP on postal votes’ irregularities

 | September 8, 2011

This time, the case of a fresh postal voter registered with the EC using a non-existent MyKad number

KUALA LUMPUR: The DAP today came up with more exposes on irregularities involving new postal voters registered with the Election Commission (EC).

This time, Zaiazra Abdul Azis, an army officer’s wife is registered as a new postal voter using a MyKad number that does not exist in the National Registration Department (NRD) database.

“We keyed in her MyKad number at the NRD website and found the number is invalid. Even her last digit on the MyKad is an odd number which is only given to a male.

“The EC said in the past that they cross-check their data with the NRD. So can the EC explain this?” asked DAP youth leader Anthony Loke at a press conference at the party’s headquarters.

Also present were the party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, publicity chief Tony Pua and election committee secretary Vincent Wu.

Two days ago, Loke revealed a peculiar discrepancy where a spouse of a female army officer was registered as a postal voter with a female name and gender.

Both had an almost identical name, with the officer’s name indicated as Yuzina bte Nodin and her ‘husband’s’ name indicated as Yuniza bte Nodin.

He also revealed the existence of a 111-year-old army officer registered as voter at the Bagan Pinang state constituency last month.

Loke, who is also Rasah MP, also disclosed 12 additional names of postal voters in the Rembau parliamentary constituency who are females but carrying MyKad numbers of a male.

One of them, Aini Shuhaidda Kadir, even attached the military number of her husband as the ID T1110397, which could not be traced on the EC website.

“And they are all new voters registered in the second half of this year,” said Loke.

Serious problems in electoral system

The Rembau parliamentary seat is currently held by Umno Youth leader, Khairy Jamaluddin.

Loke criticised the EC for practising double standard, saying assistant registrars from political parties and NGOs were swiftly reprimanded or even blacklisted by the EC for minor errors.

“We get reprimanded if we even get the voters’ religion wrong but the defence ministry’s assistant registrars provide wrong MyKad numbers in their list and nothing is done,” said Loke.

On a related matter, Pua also disclosed a list of 174 pairs of names who share the same old IC numbers in the electoral list.

As an example, Pua pointed out two names, Gustina Ahmad and Zarina A Rahim from Bayan Baru military camp, who share the same old IC number of A1283855.

“This is a clear attempt to plant voters in certain areas,” claimed Pua who is also Petaling Jaya Utara MP.

To be rid of the problem, Pua said, it is best that the EC start registering voters automatically once they reach the age of 21.

“And they can just use the data from NRD to do it. The EC has the authority to do so without the need to pass new laws for it,” said Pua.

Sharing his views, Lim said the matter was merely the tip of the iceberg as many such cases went undetected.

“But we are building our case and we will take it up with independent international bodies to highlight this matter. This is proof of serious problems existing in our electoral system,” said Lim.

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