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SUPP too obsessed with politicking

 | November 30, 2011

Preoccupied Sarawak United People's Party assemblymen have let their constituents down.

KUCHING: The opposition has slammed Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) representatives for being “too busy politicking” and not solving problems in their respective constituencies.

Kota Sentosa’s DAP assemblyman Chong Chien Jen said at the recent State Legislative Assembly sitting, SUPP assemblymen said nothing.

“SUPP leaders have done noting to solve the people’s problems. They are more concerned on how to get elected to party positions rather than solving the people’s problems.

“The people are really sick of the party washing dirty linen in the public.

“Even during the State Legislative Assembly meeting recently none of the SUPP leaders talked about issues affecting the people.

“Their minds were not focused on the meeting,” said Chong.

He was asked to comment on the internal problems within SUPP. SUPP is gripped by a pre-battle mood. For the first time in 51 years the party is seeing a “genuine” battle for the presidency.

The president of the party is being elected by the delegates through a two-tier system.

Some 600 delegates from 43 branches will elect first, the 133 central committee (CC) members, who will in turn elect the principal officers on Dec 11.

Locking horns are federal minister Peter Chin, who is also SUPP organising secretary, and state Second Finance Minister Wong Soon Koh. Both, Wong who is also SUPP deputy secretary general, and Chin are going for broke.

Dirty tactics

Meanwhile, disclosures of “rigging” and “manipulation” of election procedures at SUPP division and branch level polls have upset the opposition.

Said Chong: “Am I happy with what is going on in SUPP? No, I am not happy.

“There is nothing wrong with internal party elections, but SUPP leaders have been using dirty tactics against each other during party elections.

“What happened in SUPP’s branch meetings were election rigging and manipulation of election procedures.

“If they can do it to their own party elections, naturally they can do it to the general election and state election.

“But more importantly, it shows that SUPP as part of the Barisan Nasional has been involved in rigging the election results to win the elections.”

The opposition had complained of widespread vote rigging and manipulation of polls procedures during a keenly fought April 16 state election.

“We have been complaining about this rigging but they (BN) don’t care as long as they are going to be elected,” said Chong.

In the April state election, the opposition Pakatan Rakyat won an unprecedented 15 seats. One seat, in Pelagus constituency, went to an independent. SUPP was the worst performing party in the polls, losing 13 of 19 seats it contested.


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