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Campaign to curb homosexuality

 | March 22, 2012

Trained volunteers are now in the frontline of the government's war against homosexuality, especially among Muslims.

KUALA LUMPUR: As part of its anti-homosexual campaign, the government is training volunteers to “help” people in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Mashitah Ibrahim, told the Dewan Rakyat that the government was working with several NGOs to curb the “spread” of the LGBT “social problem”, especially amongst Muslims.

In order to prevent this, Mashitah listed several government measures, including:

  • the drafting of a LGBT-Mak Nyah module.
  • a trained volunteer programme to approach the LGBT community.
  • instructing NGOs to carry out anti-homosexual campaigns.
  • having a three-time programme last year where 74 mak nyahs (transgenders) were “fulfilled” from a spiritual and physical viewpoint, as well as work opportunities.

“This is because the LGBT lifestyle has exposed them to social problems such as prostitution, drugs, the risk of HIV/AIDS, as well as psychological and mental disorders,” she said.

From a legal standpoint, the deputy minister added that the Federal Territory Syariah Criminial Offences Act 1997 can only be used against homosexual Muslims.

This law included taking action against those involved in prostitution, pimping, sodomy, lesbianism, cross-dressing and improper conduct in public places.

Mashitah was responding to a query by Parit MP (Umno) Mohd Nizar Zakaria, who asked what the government was doing to stop homosexuality from spreading within the country’s Muslim community.

‘Three out of 10 men in Malaysia gay’

In a supplementary question, Mohd Nizar asked where homosexuality had orginated from.

To this, Mashitah said that there were various “sources”, adding that a person did not become gay “in the blink of an eye”.

“(There are those with) mental problems, such as those born with a man’s body but are trapped with a woman’s spirit, or those who have a woman’s body but are trapped with a man’s spirit, or those who have a body and spirit of a man but lean towards homosexuality, and vice versa,” she said.

Mashitah added that a “generalisation” of clothing, decorations, hair fashions – the unisex concept – amongst children could lead to a disorder.

Homosexuality was also discussed in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday. According to a Bernama report, Sekijang MP (Umno) Baharum Mohamad claimed that three out of every 10 men in Malaysia were gay. It was not clear if Baharum offered any evidence for his claims.

He then suggested that the government set up a homosexual rehab centre to curb same-sex relationships from spreading in the country.


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