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‘Free’ MyKads in Semporna?

 | March 23, 2012

Things are going very wrong in Sabah, claims STAR Sabah chief Jeffrey Kitingan.

KOTA KINABALU: The National Registration Department’s (NRD) mobile unit is allegedly issuing MyKads to foreigners in Semporna, the home constituency to Umno vice-president Shafie Apdal, as concerns mount that Umno-Barisan Nasional is facing its fiercest battle for political survival.

According to STAR Sabah chief Jeffrey Kitingan, “national security and Sabah sovereignty are at stake with the continued and irresponsible issuance of MyKads and citizenships to foreigners”.

“Things are going wrong in Malaysia. Things are going even worst in Sabah, ” he said.

Jeffrey said the problem was compounded by Sabah Umno leaders who cling to power and are prepared to do whatever necessary “including the use of phantom voters for hire”.

These leaders were aided by the NRD and Election Commission (EC) which legitimised the voting rights of these foreigners.

Jeffrey was responding to concerns expressed by Sabah Bajaus of the NRD’s distribution of MyKads in Semporna.

Persatuan Bajau Bumiputra Semporna president Mansor Santiri had reportedly said the community was unhappy with the widespread issuance of the identity cards to foreigners.

Said Jeffrey: “I simply cannot understand why our Sabah leaders continue to allow these backdoor granting of citizenships to foreigners.

“It (the issuance of MyKads) is not only for foreigners in Semporna. There are numerous reports in other areas in Sabah where the foreigners disappear or leave their workplace for a few days to go to Semporna and apply for MyKads.

“A week or so later, they re-appear with freshly-minted MyKads,” he said, adding that the recruitment of foreigners as new citizens may be intended for the forthcoming general election.

Worried Sabah Bajaus

Jeffrey said that the fact that the Sabah Bajaus themselves were now worried at the “new Bumiputeras” simply means that the future of the genuine Sabahans, especially the natives, is under severe threat.

“As patriotic Sabahans, we cannot just stand by and watch the people in power committing sins after sins against Sabah and Sabahans.

“If the government and Sabah Umno-BN do not act and stop the deliberate issuance of MyKads and citizenships to unqualified foreigners, they should not blame the people for taking up action in this case including right up to the United Nations,” he said in a statement today.

He urged the EC to take steps to purge the electoral rolls and ensure that dubious MyKad holders are not registered as voters.

“The PSC [Parliamentary Select Committee] on electoral reforms must re-convene and take steps to ensure that the EC establishes a clean and accurate electoral roll in Sabah.

“It [electoral roll] must be free of these new recruits; the PSC must ensure the government only hold general elections when the electoral rolls are cleaned up.

“It will not be democracy but a sham democracy if the election results are varied due to the presence of illegal foreigners but given the right to vote.

“The integrity of the EC is at stake in the coming general election, ” he said.


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