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‘I agree to PAS and Umno dialogue’

 | May 21, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim wants a PAS-Umno dialogue so that 'we can tell Umno that in Islam we cannot cheat in election.'

KUCHING: Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim is all for a PAS-Umno dialogue (muzakarah) before the 13th general election.

“I agree to the dialogue between PAS and Umno. I encourage PAS to go ahead.

“In fact I agree that there should be muzakarah so that we can tell Umno that in Islam we cannot cheat in election.

“Cheating in election is the number one issue PAS must discuss with Umno, and this is against Islam,” he added.

“The number two issue is ‘jangan zalim’ (don’t be cruel), and number three is corruption. That is muzakarah, so don’t worry.

“So I agree that muzakarah should be held with Umno,” Anwar, said alluding to the issue of muzakarah raised by Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, who is also the spiritual leader of PAS.

Nik Aziz had reportedly said that Umno would have to meet with several conditions that would be determined by PAS if the two parties wanted to engage in consensus building towards achieving unity.

“If Umno wants to unite with PAS it must change its policy whereby Islam must come first.

“Umno must accept PAS together with Pakatan partners. When Umno has changed it must join Pakatan,” he reportedly said.

Anwar was in Third Mile Bazaar here last night in a ceramah which was attended by more than 2,000 people.

Anwar, who is on the last leg of his Sarawak tour, said that he had been told by many that a dialogue between PAS and Umno “is bad”.

“(But) I told them not to worry. We will provide proof to them that Umno is cheating (in the election).

“For instance, there are 47,000 foreigners who are not listed in the National Registration but are allowed to vote.

“In Permatang Pauh there are 123 voters registered using one address. These people are Javanese and Burmese,” he said, pointing out that Malaysia is the only country in the world where non-citizens are allowed to vote.

Free education under Pakatan

Anwar also explained the reason why Pakatan Rakyat wanted to take over the government.

“We want to put a stop to all this nonsense.

“We have enough of corruption, enough of racism, and enough of abuse of power. It is time that we change the system,” he stressed.

Acknowledging the current mood among the voters who are fed-up with the ongoing political shenanigans, Anwar said that with Pakatan in power the real issues will be dealt with ‘immediately’.

“I know you have waited long enough. You have reasons to be cynical against some politicians if not all.

“That is why I told (Lim) Kit Siang and (Abdul) Hadi that the first thing we must do when we take over the government is to reduce the price of oil to take effect immediately.

‘Within one year we will ensure that there will be free education right from primary one to university.

“We provide to every person from the remote area in Kapit to the town centres good quality education. This is important.

“We will get rid of PTPTN as we don’t want to burden the parents and students,” he said.


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