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MCA boss on PKR’s ‘overnight saints’

 | June 1, 2012

Commenting on the allegation against PKR's Azmin Ali, Chua Soi Lek talks about how these ex-Umno men are regarded as saints when they cross over.

PETALING JAYA: MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek pointed out that when a politician crossed over from Barisan Nasional to the other side, he was considered free of sin.

Commenting on the corruption allegation against PKR deputy president Azmin Ali, he said most of the opposition party’s leaders, including its supremo Anwar Ibrahim, were from Umno.

“They just change their outer outfits and become saints overnight,” he told FMT.

“Some, especially DAP, will sing praises of these PKR leaders claiming that they are not as corrupted as Umno leaders but they were from Umno,” he added.

Chua said these ex-Umno leaders were entrenched in the system for years, noting that Anwar had tread the same corridors of power which he now criticised for 17 years.

He also said a former senior MCA leader, who was a member of the ruling administration for 16 years, underwent a similar exoneration process.

In an obvious reference to ex-MCA vice-president and current PKR Johor chief Chua Jui Meng, the party president said: “He used to sing praises of BN and held senior government positions.”

“When he left after failing to secure any party positions (in the MCA elections), everybody thinks he is a good man, clean as crystal. To me, I think this is nonsense,” he added.

Chua also criticised DAP for keeping silent on allegations concerning opposition leaders but reacted with lightning speed when it involved BN figures.

“DAP is always fast to respond when it is BN leaders but then when it comes to their opposition (counterparts), they behave like political eunuchs, don’t just bark at others,” he said.

As for Azmin, Chua said the PKR leader should take legal action against those whom he believed were defaming him instead of just issuing denials.

“MACC should also look into the issue as well to determine if the allegation against him is true or otherwise. MACC should also be fair to him,” he added.

Azmin’s case re-opened

Yesterday, the MACC review panel recommended that the file against Azmin be re-opened following revelations by controversial blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin.

Earlier this week, Raja Petra disclosed several classified documents which implicated Azmin in corrupt practices when he served as Anwar’s political aide.

The blogger claimed that a retired MACC officer handed him files which showed that the then ACA (MACC’s predecessor) had gathered concrete evidence to arrest and prosecute Azmin.

He alleged that the file was marked “no further action” by then ACA director-general Shafee Yahaya on instructions from Anwar.

Following Raja Petra’s disclosure, Shafee said that based on the findings of a probe in 1997, he recommended to Anwar to take disciplinary action against Azmin.

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