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PKR to BN: Let’s sign ‘gentlemen’s pact’

 | June 5, 2012

The fact that Umno-Barisan Nasional is psyching the voters for 'violence' in case Pakatan Rakyat wins is not worrying the opposition.

KUCHING: Has ‘old timer’ Rais Yatim forgotten who acted with ‘violence’ after opposition Pakatan Rakyat won Selangor, Perak and Penang in the 2008 general election?

It was not Pakatan Rakyat but Umno/Barisan Nasional that did a reverse takeover of a democratically elected Perak state government. And it was Umno-BN that ‘prevented’ opposition elected officers from ‘entering’ government offices.

Still according to opposition PKR, Rais, who is the information, communications and culture minister, must be lauded for giving a ‘good suggestion’ when he reportedly said there “will be no use of force after the election”

Giving its candid support for Rais, Sarawak PKR has invited BN to ink a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ to the effect.

Responding to Rais who advised the opposition to be ‘gentlemen’ when playing the political game and find ways not to use force to gain power and influence, See said: “I think he is trying to intimidate that voters to imply that there might be disharmony if Pakatan comes to power.

“(Still) I think he has made a good suggestion so I am hoping that BN is bold enough to come out with a gentleman’s agreement with Pakatan that any exchange of power after the coming general election will be peaceful and done in orderly and harmoniously manner.

“We want to say that BN is the only one that shows that they are not capable of surrendering their power willingly, peacefully and gentlemanly.

“We have seen what had happened in the last election in Selangor, Penang and Perak. They (BN) had gone to the extent of preventing Pakatan government officers from entering government offices after they lost the election and the way they bought the Pakatan elected representatives forcing constitutional crisis in order to take power in Perak,” he said.

“That was what happened after the last election.”

See’s last comment alluding to Rais’s statement that the opposition would organise a ‘violent demonstration’ to topple the government by force, if it won the next general election.

“If they lose power, I believe this will be their tactic. But as old-timer in politics, I say this sort of tactics wouldn’t last long,” Rais reportedly said.

‘Umno’s gangsters and hooligans’

But See, who is Batu Lintang assemblyman, was quick to add that it was not Pakatan which practiced hooliganism and provoked violence.

Citing the recent incidents, See said: “Recently we saw (acts of) gangsterism and hooliganism of Umno witnessed outside the house of S Ambiga, Bersih chairperson.

“There was also numerous other occasions the last month when Umno gangsters tried to disrupt Pakatan ceramah.

“It appears that they (Umno-BN) will use force or anything. Even (Prime Minister) Najib (Tun Razak) said that they will at all costs take back government in Pakatan Rakyat states.

“I think at this stage it is good if BN is willing to sign a gentlemen’s accord with Pakatan so that everything will be peaceful after the election.

“Any losing party will abide by the decision of the voters including the surrendering of power to the winning coalition,” he added.

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