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‘Offer solutions, instead of bickering’

 | June 9, 2012

State election director Omar Faudzar criticises Lim Guan Eng for continuing to shift the blame on BN for all the woes faced by Penangites

GEORGE TOWN: The DAP-led state government can continue to blame Barisan Nasional for the socio-economic problems here, but they must now begin to offer solutions as well.

If Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is only good in blaming BN then what is the point of campaigning to govern Penang? asked state BN election director Omar Faudzar today.

“It is understandable if Lim does not want to be accountable for some projects approved by the previous administration, but Penangites are complaining about the same projects.

“Lim should surrender power to a government who is not afraid of making mistakes because it wants to improve people’s lives.

“We don’t want leaders who just sit around and blame everyone else except themselves for the woes faced by the electorate,” said Omar.

He said Lim is into his fifth term of governance in Penang, yet whenever an issue is raised, he would be according fault to BN, non governmental organisations and of late, the mass media.

Omar said that the state government should know that the media’s role is to report truthfully and it is also their job to expose wrongdoings whether it is BN or Pakatan.

Omar was referring to Lim’s outburst through the alternative (internet) media that the state government was a victim of “media lynching” over reports on hillside developments.

Lim had stressed that such projects were all approved during BN’s era and the present government had nothing to do with it.

United front

Omar said it was not the question of who had approved it. It is the duty of the present authorities to resolve the complaints lodged by the people such as their anxiety over the rate of rapid development taking place and the rise of property prices here.

“If each political party is keeps on blaming the other, how can the people here expect any solutions to take place,” asked Omar.

He added that those projects may have been approved by BN, but why is it that only now, some five years later that the projects seemed to begin in earnest.

“Why did such projects not begin construction during BN’s era?”

Omar, the Bukit Gelugor Umno division chairman, claimed that it has become habitual for Lim to blame others when reacting to issues or to keep quiet about it when it does not work.

Gerakan’s Sungai Pinang BN coordinator Dr Thor Teong Gee said that Pakatan assemblymen were also voicing concerns over hillside developments and escalating property prices.

Tanjung Bungah assemblyman Teh Yee Cheu, Pantai Jerejak representative Sim Tze Tzin and state exco Abdul Malik Abul Kassim were among those who expressed concern, claimed Thor.

Thor said Lim should therefore seek a united front and work with BN to address the problems and at the same time, improve the quality of life for Penangites.

“Lim seems to have lost the plot over how to govern the state,” said Omar. He urged voters to throw their support behind policies and capabilities of the candidates, and not indulge in hero worship.


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