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Lim not worried about CM’s post

 | June 25, 2012

If the BN makes a clean sweep as predicted by PM Najib, then Malaysians can expect to bed with deficits, debts, deceit and dictatorship.

KUCHING: DAP secretary general Lim Guan Eng said last night that he was least concerned about losing his chief minister post in the coming elections.

“I am not worried of becoming a former chief minister if we lose Penang in the coming election.

“We are not worried about losing… but what we Malaysians should be worried and should know is about the five ‘Ds’ if the Barisan Nasional clean-sweeps all the 14 states,” said Lim alluding to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s prophecy that the BN would win all the 14 states in the coming election came true.

Lim said the five worrisome ‘Ds’ that would spawn from a BN win would be “deficit, debts, deceit, dictatorship and a brain-drain”.

He added that if BN won all the 14 states then “good and talented people will leave the country”.

“Since 1957 more than two million Malaysians have left the country.

“I can assure you that if BN wins again in the next election, more Malaysians will leave Malaysia including Sarawak,” he said adding that a clean sweep by BN will equal a ‘sapu Malaysia bersih”

Reiterating prevalent fact and figures, Lim said that Malaysia had been facing a deficit for the last 15 years and the “last time we saw profits was when Anwar Ibrahim was deputy prime minister’.

Debt, deceit and dictatorship

He said the BN government had initially asked for RM13.8 billion but was now wanting another RM60 billion.

“Now it (BN government) wants another RM60 billion and this will lead us to the second ‘D’ – debts. Because of the second ‘D’ we will go bankrupt.

“Our debts have grown. For the first quarter of 2012, our debts have gone up to RM470 billion which means that every Malaysian out of a population of 28 million will have to pay a debt of RM17,000.

“The third ‘D’ is deceit, and the BN leaders will use it to put the blame on the opposition. As usual, they will blame Anwar Ibrahim for all the ills in the country.

“And if that does not work, then they will use the fourth ‘D’ – dictator. A good example is how they used tear gas against the Bersih participants spending RM1.8 million for 1,000 rounds of tear gas.

“That is the work of a dictator…. not the people who respect the law and people,” he said pointing out that what the demonstrators did during Bersih 3.0 on April 28 was to sit down peacefully asking for a fair and clean election.


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