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Jeffrey hits out at frothing BN leaders

 | June 29, 2012

BN leaders who are busily attacking Jeffrey Kitingan for claiming that all Sabah leaders are frogs 'can't defend themselves when it comes to real issues'.

KOTA KINABALU: Why are Barisan Nasional leaders frothing over Jeffrey Kitingan’s remark that “all Sabah leaders are frogs” when they have been silent on all the major issues raised by him and his State Reform Party (STAR)?

Posing the question, Jeffrey said the “real issue in Sabah is not about frogs but about other serious matters which have brought socio-economic disasters to Sabah”.

“BN leaders don’t want to talk about the real issues because they know they can’t defend themselves.

“By being proxies and stooges of Kuala Lumpur, these leaders have directly or indirectly supported the transfer of our political franchise which we gained at the time of independence.

“The franchise has now been given to illegal immigrants by way of, among others, the infamous Project IC, and other underhanded dubious methods at the great expense of Sabahans’ future,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Jeffrey said STAR has repeatedly said that the Sabah BN has consistently failed to protect Sabah’s special rights and by this failure, it has turned Sabah which is resource-rich into the poorest in the country, as well a subservient 12th state in Malaysia.

“What are all these big fat frogs doing about it after sitting in government for so long? They claim to have working relations with KL and yet they can’t solve a single important problem for Sabah.

“All we hear is the stories of handouts but the root socio-economic diseases are still there. You can’t solve economic problems by playing Santa Claus,” he said.

‘I’m free from Umno clutches’

Jeffrey asked why Sabah BN was not using its good office to solve the problems of poverty, land and native customary rights (NCR) issues, re-negotiate the oil royalty to obtain more revenue for the state and reinstate the loss of rights from the 20-point agreement.

“We are paying RM22.7 billion in taxes and RM15 billion in oil and gas annually. Why not ask and get a significant part of these revenues returned and develop Sabah like never before?

“Also, why not create downstream industries to produce value-added products?

“Why are we still exporting logs when our sawmills are closing down due to lack of logs to process. We are sending our gas to Bintulu and locating industries outside Sabah such as the petrochemical plants to be built in Johor,” he said.

Jeffrey pointed out that even with the oil palm industry, the country is incurring lost economic opportunities due to lack of downstream industries.

“It is as if the government is carrying out a policy of perpetuating poverty so that the people continue to be dependent on and subservient to the government in order for the BN to remain in power.

“It is a shame that the leaders of the government of the day are becoming fat and embroiled in financial scandals while the people continue to be mired in poverty.

“As for me, I am proud that I continue to be free from the clutches of Umno.

“I will not veer off from my struggle for the people, and will stick to my principles for rights and autonomy of the Borneo states.

“I believe that given the chance, we will be able to do much better than the current BN government.” he added.


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