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‘Implement hudud and MCA will quit BN’

 | July 3, 2012

If Umno tries to enforce the Islamic penal law in Johor, then MCA will pull out of the coalition, says Labis MP and deputy minister Chua Tee Yong.

KUALA LUMPUR:  MCA would leave the Barisan Nasional coalition if Umno tries to implement hudud, said Chua Tee Yong, the head of MCA’s Young Professionals Bureau

“MCA’s stand is very clear. If hudud is implemented then MCA will come out from BN,” the Labis MP and deputy minister told reporters here.

Chua was responding to a call by Umno’s Kemelah state assemblyman Ayub Rahmat for hudud to be implemented in Johor to cover all, including non Muslims.

Ayub Rahmat said that he wished to see Johor become the first state to implement “true hudud law”, which he claimed would differ from PAS’ version.

Ayub said his version of hudud law would be non-discriminatory as the adherents of all religions would be subjected to it in Johor.

“Kelantan’s Syariah Criminal Code (II) 1993  does not reflect the true requirements of Islam. It creates discrimination in execution (among Muslims and non-Muslims),” Ayub had said.

Chua said that Ayub’s statement carried no weight.

“He’s just an Umno state assemblyman. Not the menteri besar, not even PM, or deputy PM. So, I don’t place any weight on his statement,” said Chua.

Chua also wanted the media to ask DAP’s stance on the matter as PAS’ leaders have mentioned on numerous occasions that they will implement hudud.

“Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang have mentioned on numerous occasions that they will implement hudud but DAP is still working closely with PAS,” said Chua.

“Plus, this is not from PAS Youth, but this is from their president and spiritual leader,” he added.

Chua also questioned DAP’s stand on PAS’ wish to appoint a Malay Muslim to be the premier if the opposition pact won the 13th general election.

“What is DAP’s stand on this? They only talk about Anwar, and PAS answered that they have the qualification.

“They are only helping PAS to realise their dreams. Therefore, one vote for DAP also equals to a vote for PAS.”

Chua’s father and MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek last night also tweeted his objection to the Umno man’s hudud call.

“The Johor Umno Adun must have run out of ideas and out of his mind to propose hudud in Johor for all. MCA will definitely object to it,” he posted on Twitter.


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