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D’Cruz: Info dept not behind ‘hate’ booklets

 | July 11, 2012

Despite the booklets stating the department's name, the deputy minister denies that the government is behind the anti-Bersih material.

KUALA LUMPUR: Information, Communication and Culture Deputy Minister Maglin D’ Cruz denied that the booklets condemning Bersih were published by the Information Department.

“I haven’t seen it. Nothing has come to me,” he said, adding that the concerned parties could take legal action if the booklets existed.

He was responding to FMT’s report yesterday that revealed the existence of the booklets purportedly printed by Information Department to condemn Bersih.

Among others, the booklets depicted scenes of protesters attacking police vehicles during the rally, with the words: “Hidup biar beradab bukan biadab!” And “Bersih 3.0 yang kotor”.

The booklets also urged the public to think carefully and not to support recalcitrant troublemakers or to be used as their tools.

Bersih co-chairperson S Ambiga was furious over the booklets and said that the campaign to demonise Bersih revealed the disconnect between the nation’s leadership and Malaysians.

The booklets, which were discovered by an activist in a taxi, also stated that it was printed by the Information Department.

Meanwhile, D’Cruz also defended the clips being aired on television that showed the violence during the April 28 Bersih 3.0 rally.

“This is for awareness. We are not making an issue. We only want a peaceful nation,” he said.

Ambiga: File a police report

In an immediate response, Ambiga advised the Information Department to lodge a police report on the matter.

“The name (Information Department) is there. They should lodge a police report,” she said.

On the video clips, she said: “The clips do not represent the whole truth. It is misleading. They should also show the police violence.”

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