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Merdeka theme song has over 20,500 dislikes

 | July 31, 2012

A check on YouTube found that only 289 “liked” the song Janji Ditepati out of 171,257 viewers.

PETALING JAYA: YouTube users poured scorn on this year’s Merdeka theme song, drawing 20,502 “dislikes” compared to 297 “likes” from its 171,257 viewers as at 3pm today.

The video which was posted on July 27 and runs for 3:36 minutes is titled “Janji Ditepati” and the lyrics was penned by Information, Communication and Culture minister Rais Yatim.

The video shows various pictures of programmes under the 1Malaysia campaign, including Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M), Baucar Buku 1Malaysia and the Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (KR1M).

One viewer, who called himself MrPemudapas said,” haha…nak muntah aku tgok video ni…kesian2 aku sorng guru..tme ksih kjaan bg bonus…insyaallah aku akan tetap undi pakatan…hahaha…”

( I feel like vomitting after wathcing the video…thanks for the bonus…God willing I will vote for Pakatan).

Another viewer who goes by the moniker Syu9697 said,” i’m coming back … just to check on the dislike rate .. huhuhu … it’s skyrocketing ..good … like it.”

Irate by the video, one viewer who goes by the moniker James Smith said that politicians should use their own money to help the people if they want gratitude from the masses.

“Duit RM 500 tu pun bukan duit BN, itu sememangnya duit rakyat. jangan duit rakyat kata duit BN. dah 55 tahun sokong, makin banyak tax dan makin tinggi tax. Pastu suruh org balas budi. UBAH.”

(The RM500 aid is not BN’s money. It’s people’s money. Don’t say that people’s money belongs to BN. After 55 years ruling the country, taxation had soared but keep telling people to be grateful).

On Saturday, Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) called for Pakatan Rakyat helmed states to boycott this year’s Merdeka celebration.

Its founder, Badrul Hisham Shaharin said that this year’s event was tainted by “extreme political bias” as the Janji Ditepati slogan was taken from Barisan Nasional’s campaign motto.

Meanwhile, blogger Milo Suam alleged that the melody for the Janji Ditepati song was copied from an Indonesian Christian song titled Serukan Namanya.

However, a check by FMT found that only the strumming of the guitar at the beginning of both songs sounded almost similar, not the whole piece.

The video is available here:


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