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‘Mothers must speak out against crime’

 | July 31, 2012

PKR president Dr Wan Azizah launches Mothers Against Crime Facebook page to combat crime in the nation.

PETALING JAYA: PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail has hopped unto the social media anti-crime bandwagon by launching a Facebook page – ‘Malaysian Mothers Against Crime’ – in her ongoing campaign against crime in the country.

Announcing the launch of the page at the PKR headquarters this morning, Wan Azizah told reporters that she, as worried mother and grandmother, wanted “mothers to speak out and display our solidarity to fight crime”.

“Let mothers speak out and display our solidarity to fight crime. We can start by showing that we are not the minority, that we are not a small number. The powers that be are only responding to statistics, so let’s build the numbers and present to them the feelings of millions of ordinary Malaysians.”

She said that the Facebook page was a place where the public, especially women, can voice out, offer support in the efforts to highlight crime and offer ideas to curb it. Sharing of pictures, news, and videos are also encouraged.

However, Wan Azizah was unable give an answer when questioned on whether PKR or Pakatan Rakyat was formulating a more concrete plan of action to combat crime.

A reporter also questioned the need for a new Facebook group, pointing out to her that there are at least three recent similar anti-crime pages – Malaysians Against Rape, Assault and SnatcH (Marah) Be Alert Stay Safe and Safer Malaysia.

To that, Wan Azizah stressed that she was “very concerned” and said that the more space to voice that concern, the effect would add up. “The more the merrier…. if we help each other with it.”

Where are the initiatives?

In her press conference, Wan Azizah attacked Home Minsiter Hishammuddin Hussein and Pemandu CEO Idris Jala for having “spent the whole of July disputing our contention that crime levels have risen in Malaysia”

“They are convinced crime is under control and dropping fast, as they have insisted on pointing to Pemandu’s crime statistics. Their response shows that what we have said is true,” she said.

She also complained that new government initiatives to fight crime have been announced but are not operational.

“They have announced a slew of new inititatives to fight crimes, such as MyDistress, Semakan Jenayah Online, increasing Rakan Cop’s recruitment and funding and a special committeee on crime victims, which have been announced but not operating yet,” she said.

“I am curious to know, are these measures a result of our campaign against crime, together with various reports of high-profile crimes?”

“If my campaign is making them listen more and respond with greater urgency, then I must carry on. However, if they are still not listening, then I have to work harder because Malaysia is becoming increasingly unsafe.”

However, when it was pointed out to her that MyDistress was already downloadable and functional, she expressed that she was unsure.

“Have you seen it? I haven’t,” she said.

Creating awareness

Another check by FMT also showed that a police Sistem Semakan Online is also operational though it could not be ascertained if it was fully functional.

PKR media social strategist Praba Ganesan said that the fact that there are so many groups and campaigns by the people themselves points back at the government and the minister.

“The approach to crime isn’t necessarily about the funky things we can do, but more on prevention and what the government has promised, and how they have responded poorly. You can’t eliminate crime but you can fight it as hard as possible.”

“The emergence of various chatter accentuate the point that the government is not doing their jobs. We (by having a new Facebook page) are not competing [with other groups]. It just shows different perspectives. The point is, everyone can help, and awareness is the most important thing.”


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