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‘We don’t need Utusan as big brother’

 | August 3, 2012

Tamil daily Thina Kural's editor-in-chief claims that Utusan Malaysia is attempting to play the role of big brother by questioning the direction and content of Tamil newspapers.


PETALING JAYA: An editor of a Tamil newspaper today slammed Utusan Malaysia for trying to play big brother to the five Tamil dailies in the country.

Thina Kural’s editor-in-chief, BR Rajan, in accusing Utusan Malaysia of trying to play the big brother role, said the Malay daily was behaving just like “Umno playing the big brother role to other Barisan Nasional component parties”.

He said this when asked to react to a Utusan Malaysia report on Wednesday which questioned the direction of Tamil dailies, post 2008, which it claimed, was giving equal prominence to both BN and Pakatan Rakyat.

Utusan singled out Thina Kural for allegedly hammering the government on a daily basis and churning out reports reeking of racism.

The Malay language daily also highlighted that Tamil Nesan, another Tamil newspaper, no longer mirrored its image of being a pro-BN publication, despite being spearheaded by former MIC president S Samy Vellu’s son Vell Paari.

Apart from Thina Kural and Tamil Nesan, other Tamil newspapers are Malaysian Nanban, Makkal Osai and newly launched publication Naam Naadu.

Utusan had also reported that Thina Kural and Makkal Osai were pro-opposition.

Rajan took offence to Thina Kural being labelled as “pro-opposition”, saying that Utusan did not have the right to label the paper.

“How can Utusan accuse us without knowing Tamil language? We give equal coverage for all and we write what our readers want to read,” said Rajan.

On allegations that Thina Kural was being racist, Rajan said: “It is Umno and Utusan Malaysia that are racist and creating animosity among Malaysia.”

Never argue with stupid people

Meanwhile, Tamil Nesan’s managing director S Vell Paari dismissed Utusan’s report with a quote from American author and humorist, Mark Twain.

“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience,” he said, adding that he does not want to waste time arguing with someone (Utusan) with brain impotency.

Malaysia Nanban, on the other hand, advised the Malay daily not to cause a discord among the Tamil dailies.

The daily published a report titled: “Don’t spread poisonous seeds of disunity among the Tamil dailies”, today.

In the front-page report, Malaysia Nanban said: “Utusan had no right to question the stand taken by the Tamil dailies.

“The accusations were lies concocted to appease someone.”

Utusan should apologise

Meanwhile, Penang Deputy Chief Minister ll P Ramasamy called on Utusan Malaysia to apologise to the Tamil dailies.

“As we all know, Utusan’s credibility is now under fire from the people because of its blatant double standard in its reporting. It is also very racial. The Malay newspaper has no right whatsoever to advise the Tamil newspapers,” he told reporters here.

Ramasamy said Utusan Malaysia’s days were numbered as the rakyat have started boycotting the newspaper.

He said DAP strongly condemned any attempt to stifle media freedom in the country.

“I wish all Tamil dailies would report without any bias. Newspapers should not take sides. Stay neutral,” he added.

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