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More shocking AIMST exposé on the way

 | August 4, 2012

PKR promises to reveal 'financial mismanagement' involving top MIC leaders next week.

PETALING JAYA: The MIC-run AIMST University mismanagement exposé by PKR has rattled the largest Indian political party in the country, enough to warrant two conflicting statements from two MIC leaders within the last two days.

PKR national strategy and policy bureau secretary S Gobi Krishnan said similar to how the university had outsourced its cafeteria contract, MIC president, G Palanivel, seems to have outsourced his decision-making to a mere vice-president and central working committee members in regard to the issues raised.

Over the last two weeks, Gobi has been making allegations of financial irregularities in the running of the AIMST cafeteria.

On Tuesday, he alleged that two audit reports on AIMST University had found irregularities, including alleged false claims and “preferential treatment” accorded to Jaya Cafe Holdings Sdn Bhd, which runs the eatery.

MIC Youth treasurer J Dhinagaran is one of the directors of Jaya Cafe alongside party Youth chief T Mohan.

Reacting to this, MIC vice-president M Saravanan on Wednesday said the party was willing to allow a thorough probe on the matter but it must be conducted by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) or the police.

“We are willing to open our books for the MACC [to investigate] and not to any Tom, Dick and Harry. Some people feel that they can make any allegation even if it is false. There are no irregularities in the running of AIMST or its cafeteria. If you have doubts, please feel free to lodge a report to the relevant authorities, including the MACC,” Saravanan, who is also AIMST board of director.

However, MIC supreme council member S Vell Paari said he had asked Dhinagaran to respond to the allegation as it involves a business entity owned by him.

Personal opinion

Vell Paari, son of former MIC supremo S Samy Vellu, had said that Dhinagaran would prepare a detailed report on the matter for Gobi’s convenience.

“I would also like to invite DAP MP Tony Pua to accompany Gobi to study and explain the report to the latter,” he said.

Upon studying the report, Vell Paari said Gobi could choose to apologise to Dhinagaran if there are no irregularities in the cafeteria business to avoid any legal action from the MIC leader.

“I welcome the statement by Vell Paari, which he was reported to have advised MIED and Jaya Cafe Holdings Sdn Bhd to prepare a detailed report for my perusal. However, I am obliged to ask whether this so-called decision was decided by the MIC CWC or just a personal opinion of Vell Paari, as the MIC president, who was supposed to relay any decision of the CWC, has not said anything thus far.

“I find it amusing and it is rather ironic that Vell Paari himself has decided to respond first as I have mentioned in my last press conference that my next press meeting will expose the financial mismanagement in AIMST University involving the son of the ex-president of MIC,” Gobi said in a statement today.

On Saravanan, he said the Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Deputy Minister “seems to be contradicting himself when he was reported as saying that MIC is willing to allow a probe by the police and MACC, but the opposition has no right to ask for explanation.

“I wish to remind Saravanan that the people want an explanation on this saga, and we as opposition members are also the rakyat. As such, we have the right to ask for explanation.

“Moreover, I have also contributed to the building fund of AIMST University. I also wish to remind him that many other Malaysians have also contributed to the building fund of AIMST University, including opposition party members and even Malays and Chinese. As such, everyone has the right to ask for an explanation,” said Gobi.

More shocking exposé

He said it was surprising that Saravanan has said that the board of directors of AIMST University views the allegation seriously but has found no mismanagement.

“Is he saying that the board has speedily investigated all the evidence put forward by me within two days and has decided as such?

“I wish to remind Saravanan, while empathising with him for his lack of education which warranted such weak and contradictory response, that this is a criminal breach of trust [CBT] case and not an Indian issue.

“I will still thank both of them for their speedy responses and would also request their assistance in investigating all other contracts given out by AIMST University such as those related to maintenance, security, laundry, IT, CCTV… which were alleged to have been given to MIC leaders and their cronies,” he added.

Gobi said his next press conference on Tuesday would reveal even more shocking financial mismanagement in AIMST University involving other top leaders of MIC.


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