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Where’s the logic? PAS leader asks PAS leader

 | August 17, 2012

Karpal Singh meanwhile says that he wants to sue Nasharuddin for labelling him as anti-Islam.

PETALING JAYA: PAS leader Khalid Samad has defended DAP national chairman Karpal Singh who was branded as anti-Islam by another PAS leader, Bachok MP Nasharuddin Md Isa.

“If Karpal doesn’t agree with the implementation of hudud it doesn’t mean he is anti-Islam. It does not mean Nasharuddin can declare Karpal anti- Islam and an enemy of Islam.

“If you take his (Nasharuddin’s) approach, then all non-Muslims are anti-Islam and enemies of Islam. What kind of logic is this?” asked the Shah Alam MP.

Yesterday, Nasharuddin said: “I maintain that Karpal is not anti-hudud but anti-Islam. As an experienced lawyer he knows what is substantive law and procedural law.”

“Conviction in hudud requires evidential proof without any shadow of doubt but he rejects all this because it is an Islamic law,” Nasharuddin said after returning from Mecca yesterday.

The former PAS deputy president also criticised the PAS leadership for being silent over Karpal’s stand.

“So it is up to them, those who, because of their political play, would wish to remain muted devils. Insyallah, I will not allow any quarter to insult my religion. Does our religion tells us that it is fine to cooperate with those fighting against Islam?” Nasharuddin asked.

Khalid, who is also PAS central committee member and Selangor PAS deputy commissioner, said that PAS was doing its best to make DAP understand PAS’ intentions via dialogues and explanations.

The PAS leader also gave due recognition to Karpal.

“Karpal acknowledges our right to pursue our agenda on our platform,” he said in reference to PAS pursuing its Islamic state agenda on its own platform instead of Pakatan Rakyat.

Asked about the PAS leadership’s silence as alleged by Nasharuddin, Khalid countered with questions to Nasharuddin.

“What else does he want us to do? Does he want us to put Karpal under chain and locks so that Karpal would accept hudud?” he asked.

He also questioned why Nasharuddin did not convince Umno to accept the implementation of an Islamic state.

“Umno does not accept hudud. Why not Nasharuddin convince them to do so?” Khalid suggested.

He further added that PAS had more pressing issues to focus on than what was raised by Nasharuddin.

Karpal to sue

Meanwhile in a related development, Karpal Singh said he would be suing Nasharuddin over the latter’s remark.

“In view of the seriousness of his statement, I’m filing a defamation suit against him.”

He also denied Nasharuddin’s allegation that he (Karpal) was anti-Islam.

“I have never spoken against Islam. Time and time again I have said I respect Islam as the official religion of the country,” Karpal said.

He clarified that DAP was against the formation of an Islamic state which it sees as a political concept.

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