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Palanivel committed to fielding women

 | August 24, 2012

MIC women chief Komala Krishnamurthy says that Palanivel had asked for a list of candidates for the coming general election from the wing several months ago.

PETALING JAYA: MIC president G Palanivel has given a firm commitment to field women candidates from the party in the next general election.

“If not, the president would not have requested us for a proposed list of candidates from the women’s wing several months ago,” said MIC women’s wing chief Komala Krishnamoorthy.

On how many seats were allocated for women, Komala said that Palanivel had yet to confirm the numbers.

“But there will be women candidates running for seats,” she said.

Yesterday, a source told FMT that Palanivel would not be fielding any women candidates from MIC in the 13th general election.

He said that Palanivel was livid when only six representatives from the women’s division turned up for a meeting held in July.

The source also alleged that the women’s wing was not performing up to expectations since the 2008 general election.

“Just look at the Wanita office in the party headquarters… it has remained locked for the last four to five months,” the source was reported as saying.

Komala admitted that the turnout for the meeting in July was low, but said that it was caused by a last-minute change on the meeting’s time and day.

She said that the women’s wing usually held its meeting on weekends but on that occasion, it was scheduled on a weekday due to Palanivel’s request.

“The meeting was initially scheduled to be held at 7pm but we rescheduled it at noon at the last minute as Palanivel had to attend some urgent matters later that day. That’s why the turnout was low but we had more than six representatives at that meeting,” she said.

Komala also dismissed claims that her wing has been under-performing, saying that it had organised a lot of programmes since 2008 to regain the confidence of the Indian community.

‘I’m easily accessible’

Among the programmes she had conducted were skills training programmes for women all over the country, with the support of the Higher Education Ministry.

“Most of our programmes are targeted at uplifting the socio-economic level of Indian women in the country,” said Komala.

She also dismissed claims that the Wanita office at the headquarters was closed for the past four to five months, saying she is usually there at least twice a week.

“If it’s not me, the women’s wing secretary S Kamalavani will be there,” she said, adding Kamalavani had just passed away recently.

She also said that they had two clerks working at the office in the past, but had to terminate their services due to non-performance.

“Politics is a different sort of work. You need to be on the ground most of the times, not at the office,” said the former Kapar MP.

She also said she usually uses her smartphone to communicate with people and sort out party issues.

“I e-mailed any letters using my phone. Besides, I’m easily accessible by the people as many have my phone number,” said Komala.

MIC women’s wing information chief Mohana Muniandy echoed Komala’s sentiments, saying Palanivel would not have engaged the section if he was planning to ignore them.

“Besides, MIC women worked hard during the previous by-elections to reach out to the people,” said Mohana, who is also a MIC central working committee member.

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