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Home Minister must stop biased police, says PKR

 | August 30, 2012

PKR is seeking the home ministry's help to end politically-motivated threats against opposition politicians.

PUTRAJAYA: PKR today handed over a memorandum to the home ministry in a bid to end the police’s “biased” handling of cases involving opposition politicians.

Lembah Pantai PKR vice-chairman, S Pathavachalam, had lodged two police reports since Aug 16 over a death threat he had received on that day.

But no action had been taken by the police who would settle cases involving Barisan Nasional politicians speedily, Subang MP R Sivarasa said.

“The police should not become political instruments,” he told reporters after the memorandum was handed over to a home ministry officer, Bastien Onn.

“The police have so far been very ‘berat sebelah’ – taking selective action,” he said, pointing out how police had “immediately” arrested two opposition supporters for requesting a BN member to stop his ceramah.

The police’s inaction in Pathavachalam’s case so far suggests that there may be some truth to the threat made to him by a man who goes by the name “Suddukattu” Ravi.

According to Pathavachamam, Ravi had said in a phone call on Aug 22 that there was no point in lodging a police report as “the police and government are in [Ravi’s] hands”.

“No quarters should feel they have immunity to harass opposition politicians,” said Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar, who was also present to submit the memorandum.

Nurul herself has been the subject of violence during a PKR ceramah earlier this year in Pahang.

According to the memorandum, a group of men attacked the ceramah and almost managed to land a punch on Nurul’s face.

Yet the police have made no progress over the incident, and it is just one among seven other forgotten cases involving opposition leaders being threatened with violence, the memorandum states.

“We are here because the police must fulfil their duty to all people, and not just certain political parties,” Nurul said.

‘Be professional’

“The home ministry, which is charge of the police and law and order, must now act seriously on this,” Sivarasa said.

“The ministry must retain credibility and must remain independent and professional.”

Nurul said that Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein must differentiate between his public position and party post in order to ensure that Malaysians could live in peace and safety, “without fear of favour”.

In the memorandum, the PKR members urge the home minister to identify whether there existed a “systematic plan to politically intimidate” politicians; to “identify the parties responsible for denying the rakyat to practise politics and threatening democracy in Malaysia; and “to ensure the public such as S Pathavachalam and his family members are protected from threats of all forms due to differing political views”.

Nurul also said that Onn, on receiving the memorandum, promised he would bring the matter to the minister.

“I was very relieved and assured when he told me ‘you came to the right place’,” said Nurul.


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