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MIC: Who’s the real MB of Selangor?

 | September 15, 2012

'No simultaneous elections' notice by Anwar simply shows that Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim is just a puppet

Kuala Lumpur: The announcement that Selangor would not hold simultaneous elections if the general election is in November, makes one wonder who is the state’s real Menteri Besar.

PKR de-facto chief Anwar Ibrahim said last week that Selangor will not dissolve the state assembly if Parliament is dissolved in November.

MIC Youth chief T Mohan said this showed that the real power in Selangor rests with Anwar, who is Parliament’s Opposition head.

“Dissolving the state assembly following Parliament’s dissolution would not only save money, in holding the next election, but also minimise campaigns by political parties.

“Anwar announcement only shows that Khalid is just a puppet, said Mohan. Normally the Menteri Besar seeks the consent of the Sultan to dissolve the state assembly.

“But he has passed on the duty to the Opposition leader, who is an outsider and someone who has no power to make such an important announcement.”

“I’m shocked that the other opposition component party leaders in DAP and PAS have kept mum on the matter.

“If they have any principles, then they must direct Anwar Ibrahim not to interfere in the running of the state,” said Mohan.

‘Voters will be burdened’

He said Anwar was only the economic advisor of the state and “has no right to usurp the powers of the Menteri Besar.”

“MIC Youth doubts Pakatan Rakyat component leaders will dare voice out against Anwar as they have forgotten everything else in their bid to take over federal power,” he said.

The MIC youth chief also said holding separate elections will be an additional burden to the people as well as the Election Commission (EC).

The public, he said would be burdened, having to vote twice in the space of few months and separate elections would also result in huge sums of money used to conduct the elections.

He also said it was puzzling that Selangor wanted to have separate elections when in the past the state leaders have always indicated that the state assembly would be dissolved following Parliament’s dissolution.

“In March, Anwar Ibrahim said Pakatan Rakyat controlled states may not hold elections concurrently with the federal elections if the Election Commission does not implement meaningful electoral reforms.

“The Menteri Besar in the past has said that the state will not participate in the election if Parliament is dissolved anytime before June this year. But now they are singing a different tune. I suspect it  is because they are losing hope in recapturing the state,” said Mohan.


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