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Get real about BN’s racism, Kayveas told

 | December 7, 2012

DAP’s Manogaran says it is not mere perception of racial discrimination that makes Malaysians want to vote out the current government.

JEMPOL: A DAP leader has accused People’s Progressive Party chief M Kayveas of making excuses for Barisan Nasional when he spoke about racial discrimination at his party’s general assembly last Sunday.

Teluk Intan MP M Manogaran noted that Kayveas spoke of the public’s “perception” of racial discrimination in government policies while knowing well enough how real the problem is.

“If it is just perception, how come 95% of Felda settlers are Malays?” Manogaran said.

“Intake into the civil service is also Malay-centric. Those who sit in GLCs [government-linked companies] from top to bottom are mostly Malays as well.

“In the armed forces, most of the non-Malays promoted from Major to Lieutenant Colonel are put under what I would call the ‘flexi category’. They draw the salary of a lieutenant colonel, but their authority is on par with a major.

“The government has an unofficial policy that jobs in the civil service are for Malays and vacancies in the private sector are for non-Malays.

“This is not good for nation building.”

Manogaran told FMT such racist policies were unfair to the Malays as well because it creates the impression that they owe their positions to their racial background, not their capabilities.

“This is not right because there are many capable and qualified Malays who hold important and high posts in the private sector due to their capabilities and purely on merit.

“Furthermore, there is real discrimination against the poor Malays and those Malays who are not connected to Umno.

“These groups of Malays also need help because they are marginalised. They don’t get sufficient business opportunities. Big contracts are given to crony Malays.”

He agreed with Kayveas that voters were flocking to Pakatan Rakyat, but not because they had falsely perceived the BN government as one practising racial discrimination.

“They are seeking fairness and justice,” he said.

He urged Kayveas to be honest and admit to the reality of racial discrimination by BN.


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