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Gwo Burne: I want to continue serving

 | February 12, 2013

'Video MP' speaks about serving the rakyat and his desire to stay in politics to help change the people's mindset on prevailing issues.


KELANA JAYA: Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo Burne’s rise to Malaysia’s political stage was unlike any other.

Frequently dubbed the “Video MP” by local media, 38-year-old Loh shot to instant fame in 2007 when a video he shot of lawyer VK Lingam led to a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the manipulation of judicial appointments.

Loh’s video ultimately earned him the parliamentary seat when he contested in the 2008 general election, defeating Barisan Nasional candidate Lee Hwa Beng and independent Billi Lim.

Five years later and a month before the 13th general election, Loh has released a new video clip which he claimed showed another case fixing within the judiciary.

In an exclusive interview, FMT speaks with Loh on his work as a first-term MP and commitment to community work.

FMT: YB, the question on everyone’s mind now is are you hoping to stand in the upcoming general election?

Loh: That is ultimately up to the party but I am prepared to continue to serve the people. I would like to continue my plans to bring about a positive change to the country.

The release of a second video right before the GE would lead to many people thinking it is just a ploy to keep you in politics. Can you please respond?

Loh: We released the video now because of recent developments in the case. Take the VK Lingam videos for instance; we waited years to release it. You cannot release a video immediately due to many legal issues and developments. You have to wait for the right time to bring it out.

In your own words, what have you done for your constituency in the past five years?

Loh: I mainly address issues brought to my office. My policy is ‘don’t say no’. I will do all it takes to help elevate PJ (Petaling Jaya).

Has it always been your ambition to be in politics?

Loh: It was never my aspiration to be in politics but it is an opportunity to bring about positive changes. I stepped into this line not because I want to be a minister, but because of an ideal. It is not about power, fame or money. Many people have said to me: ‘Gwo Burne, why you so silly. If you do this [corruption], you will make a lot of money.’ But it is not about money. If you want to make money, then go and do something else. Don’t be an MP.

What is this ideal you talk about?

Loh: My ideal is to bring about positive changes and that includes all Malaysians as a whole. It is of the rise of the people. I have stood strongly by this ideal and I am very proud to have never wavered from this.

There have been talks of you not speaking out in Parliament and this reflects strongly on your character as a whole. How do you respond to this?

Loh: The entire focus is to realise that Parliament, [given] BN MPs’ attitude has become ineffective… because they always say ‘yes’ to everything put forward by the government, it becomes pointless. Also, I am seldom given the chance to speak because the BN MPs take up most of the time, and I am usually placed last to speak.

What are your plans if you are elected MP again?

Loh: Within the cities there are a lot of poverty issues that need to be addressed and which requires commitment. I’d like to create awareness of these issues and change people’s mindsets. I would also like to implement a practical policy to create equal opportunities for poor people to progress.

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