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DAP: Najib on a ‘Sapu Malaysia’ spree

 | February 15, 2013

Tony Pua alleges that the government is delaying the polls to dish out multi-billion ringgit contracts to its cronies out fear of losing power.

PETALING JAYA: Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has now switched his focus from 1Malaysia to what a DAP leader has coined as “Sapu Malaysia”.

According to party publicity chief Tony Pua, this was the reason behind the delaying of the next general election.

Fearing that Barisan Nasional would lose its grip on federal power, he alleged that Najib wanted to dish out lucrative contracts to his cronies before calling for the polls.

“The prime minister wants to award multi-billion ringgit privatisation and procurement deals to his cronies in order to commit the next government to the contracts,” he added.

Pua cited the example where the government had finalised the West Coast Expressway deal worth RM5.2 billion last month, giving Kumpulan Europlus Sdn Bhd a 60-year concession.

He added that the government had also provided a soft loan worth RM2.24 billion to the company, in addition to the land acquisition worth RM980 million which was also borne by taxpayers’ money.

“And on Wednesday, the government awarded the RM1.55 billion East Klang Valley Expressway concession via direct tender to Ahmad Zaki Resources Berhad (AZRB).

“Not only has the government forked out RM635 million in soft loans to AZRB, the company was also awarded a 50-year concession.

“If the government can fork out nearly half the investment to build the highway, why do we need to privatise it in the first place?” he asked.

Pua said the projects mentioned were only some of the deals finalised in the past 12 months, claiming that there was never such haste in finalising such deals in the past, nearing the general election.

“There is a never seen before urgency to award large contracts before the general election, clearly out of fear that there is a real likelihood that BN will lose power, hence the ‘Sapu Malaysia’ mentality,” he added.

He also claimed that BN was desperate to raise funds from their cronies through the deals as the 13th general election would be its toughest battle in history.

“There is no question that the possibility of Pakatan Rakyat forming the next federal government is very real. But, we will have to overcome the dirtiest of all elections as BN will spare no expenses to ‘buy’ its way to victory,” he said.

Yesterday, Bernama reported Najib as saying that Parliament would be dissolved when all quarters, including the people, were ready for the polls.

On when he would call for the dissolution, he said: “Very soon, very soon, do the job first, do not worry.”

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