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Nizar: BN leaders ditching Umno

 | February 18, 2013

The party is disintegrating because of the self-serving agendas of top Umno leaders, says the former Perak menteri besar.

IPOH: Selfish Umno leaders, more interested in their political survival than safeguarding party interests, may cost Barisan Nasional many seats in the 13th general election, said a Pakatan Rakyat leader.

Perak Pakatan chief, Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, said people like Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Muhyiddin Yassin and Najib Tun Razak are bringing down Umno.

“Mahathir is struggling to salvage his political image and safeguard his son, Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Muhkriz Mahathir’s political future.

“Muhyiddin is planning to reshape his future stake in the political arena while Najib is going all out to boost his image with his various 1Malaysia projects and schemes,” said Nizar.

He added that BN leaders in Umno are leaving the party because they disagreed with the way Najib was carrying out his policies, and are now supporting Pakatan’s political agenda.

“Najib seems to be aware of this as he was recently reported as saying that people should not worry about losing their leaders but instead rally behind the party,” said Nizar.

“If he continues with his flip-flop policies, then many more will leave Umno and BN will be left without any credible leaders to contest in the polls as the party is going down the drain.

“Umno leaders are not working as a united group and this is the reason why many BN leaders are now leaving the party,” added Nizar, the state deputy PAS chief.

“I can only see Najib and his deputy touring the whole country promoting their own causes while the rest of his ministers are watching from the sidelines.”

When asked on the perception of BN leaders that more voters are returning to BN because of Najib’s 1Malaysia projects, Nizar said it was an attempt to fool the rakyat.

“The Merdeka Centre for Opinion Research poll last December showed that Najib’s overall approval rating went up by only 1% from 64% after he had announced the election budget.

“To me the support for Najib is dwindling, as no matter how much of the public funds he spends to get back the votes to BN, the returns are not there,” he said.

On the chances of Pakatan wrestling back Perak in the 13th general election, the former the former Pakatan menteri besar said the outlook was bright for the opposition because of three reasons:

  • The power grab by BN from the duly elected Pakatan state government which was allegedly engineered by Najib, the then deputy premier, in 2009 has angered Perakians.
  • Perakians are happy with the 11 months of Pakatan’s sound and prudent administration of the state compared to BN’s rule after the forced takeover.
  • There is allegedly infighting and power struggle now among the Umno state warlords who may sabotage BN candidates like they did in the 2008 general election.


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