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BR1M a bad copy of Pakatan aid, says DAP

 | February 26, 2013

‘Putrajaya apes Penang and Selangor without applying the economic wisdom.’

TAIPING: BR1M is an imitation of welfare handouts started in Penang and Selangor minus the economic wisdom that guided the initiatives of the two Pakatan Rakyat state governments, according to DAP treasurer Nga Kor Ming.

Speaking to FMT after attending a PAS function here, he said Putrajaya had to borrow money to fund BR1M whereas the Pakatan states used their surplus funds.

He pointed out that since coming under Pakatan rule, Penang had increased its state reserves to RM1.2 billion from RM400 million and Selangor had increased its reserves to RM2.5 billion from RM600 million.

Echoing many other critics of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s various 1Malaysia welfare initiatives, he said these would only add to the already bloating national debt and burden future generations of Malaysians.

“The federal government should be more responsible and not spend money at the expense of future generations,” he said. “The national debt has exceeded the dangerous level, almost reaching the saturation point of the legislated federal debt ceiling of 55% of GDP.

“The people’s money should be for the people and not wasted on popularity-seeking moves to gain political mileage.”

He reckoned that Putrajaya’s overspending had resulted in each Malaysian incurring a debt of RM18,000.

“It is as if BN is giving RM500 as BR1M but demanding that each recipient pay RM18,000 for it,” he said. “It does not make any financial sense.

“Najib must study the economics of the everyday life of Malaysians carefully instead of throwing money around just to fish for votes.”


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