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Another Anwar sex video?

 | March 16, 2013

A sex video clip of a man resembling the Opposition leader in a compromising position with a man has been uploaded on a blog site


PETALING JAYA: A sex video of a man resembling Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in a compromising position with another man has been uploaded in a pro-Umno blogger’s site.

Blogger Syed Akbar Ali, who runs the blog site – syedoutsidethebox – uploaded a single photo of the video under the heading Saturday Sunrise.

“Any resemblances to any living person or dead person, real person or imaginary person are purely coincidental. All characters appearing in this work are fictitiously not straight. They are also infamously infamous,” he said as a precaution just above the photo.

However, he provided links to another blog page entitled ‘Aksi si Raja Goyang’, which carried 13 other photographs, taken from the video.

Although Syed Akbar posted the photo in his blog today, the ‘Aksi si Raja Goyang’ photos was posted on Thursday. The second blogsite does not have a name of the blogger. The photos in the ‘Aksi si Raja Goyang’ website has garnered 119 comments so far.

The site can be accessed at http://rajagoyang360.blogspot.com/2013/03/3-2-1-action-part-1.html.

Last year, another video was released by former Malacca chief minister Rahim Thamby Chik, businessman Shazryl Eskay and  Perkasa’s Shuib Lazim.

That video showed a man resembling the opposition leader having sex with presumably a woman of Chinese features. Anwar has since denied that he was the one in the video.

The opposition leader has also been cleared of a sodomy charge brought against him by  his former personal assistant Saiful Bukhari Azlan, mid last year.

Although the High Court has cleared Anwar of the charge, the case in now pending appeal, which would be heard in June, this year.

The release of this video could be related to the looming 13th General Election which is expected to be called anytime soon.

Najib should stop dirty tactics

In an immediate response, PKR strategy director, Rafizi Ramli, said it is part and parcel of the dirty politics played by Umno in tarnishing the image of the opposition’s leader.

“It is definitely Umno’s modus operandi. These dirty tactics will be intensified as the general elections gets closer.

“As Shaiful’s father has came forward to delcare Anwar’s innocence in Sodomy 2, it is timely that they manufacture the next set of porn materials to accuse him further,” said Rafizi.

Rafizi added that the nation is well aware of Umno’s tactics and they are no longer interested in such allegations.

“The opposition leader has been branded a homosexual, Jewish supporter and serial rapist time and again and Malaysians know that these are the work of the ruling coalition.”

“In fact Pakatan Rakyat has grown from strength to strength and such allegations will only serve to further strengthen the party,” said Rafizi.

“The public is more interested in the party’s manifesto and policies, which will benefit the them. These photos and videos will only lead to BN’s destruction.

“Pornography is in Umno’s daily lives, they are uneducated and sex is the only thing in their minds. That’s why they resort to such cheap tactics.

“The ruling coalition is also bankrupt of ideas. It is time for the Prime Minister to a stop to such dirty tactics as he has been condoning them for a long time,” said Rafizi.

Earlier this month, Anwar was asked about his sexuality in an interview with online radio station BFM, to which he said he had been a victim of vicious Umno propaganda.

Speaking to reporters after attending a dialogue session organised by the Anwar Ibrahim Club here today, Anwar once again lashed out at Umno’s “political gimmick”.

“I have already said that I deny it. This is a disgusting political gimmick executed by Umno,” he said, adding that he has asked his lawyers to handle the possibility of taking legal action against the bloggers who uploaded the series of 14 black-and-white photos.


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