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PPIM claim boycott beginning to bite

May 23, 2013

The Malaysian Muslim Consumer Association (PPIM) says that some Chinese businesses have sought meetings with them.

Joseph Masilamany

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Muslim Consumer Association (PPIM) says its call to boycott products of companies it has labelled as providing financial support to the DAP is beginning to bite.

PPIM executive secretary Nadzim Johan said several companies, most of them Chinese-owned, have requested meetings with the organisation to talk about the boycott.

“Some Chinese business communities have sought a meeting with us,” he told The Malaysian Reserve in a telephone interview. “This is a sign that their businesses have been hit by the boycott call.”

PPIM is one of several consumer groups who have called for such a boycott on mainly Chinese-owned businesses, following an earlier call to boycott products by several Malay-owned companies, including a popular brand of wheat flour and bread.

These consumer groups also want to boycott Chinese businesses that supported the opposition Pakatan Rakyat in the 13th general election. Nadzim said the boycott call was a “Gandhi-styled” passive resistance that has received “overwhelming support” from consumers.

“We have told them to hang on, that we want to go ahead with the boycott in order to send out a loud signal to those actively organising rallies and street demonstrations and making trouble in the country,” he said.

Nadzim would not identify the Chinese businesses which have requested meetings with the PPIM, but judging from how far and wide the group’s call for the boycott has reached, it has been effective.

“I have no figures to give you, we have just started and just a 20% response from the community is good enough.”

He claimed the Malay and Muslim community is actively engaging in the social media, especially Facebook, urging others to support the boycott call. Nadzim pointed out that it is not a blanket call to boycott all Chinese-based products or fast-food outlets.

“We are very selective, he said, adding that the call is out to boycott every product originating from the Tan Sri Robert Kuok stable. We do not have proof, but we believe that Kuok is supporting the DAP,” said Nadzim.

An English daily separately reported that PPIM has denied that it is calling for a boycott of products from Chinese businesses but instead has called for a movement to “buy certain products last”.

“From information we received from the public, some companies are suspected to be anti-establishment. We wanted to advise Malaysians to buy products from these companies last,” PPIM president Ma’amor Osman was quoted in the report.

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