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Name the gang leaders

 | September 2, 2013

Merely naming gang leaders will not curb crime. Further concrete actions must be taken to nab criminals.

PETALING JAYA: The police should make public the names of the most wanted gang leaders as a commitment towards fighting crime, demands Malaysian Community Crime Care Association (MCCCA) pro-term committee member, V Ravindran.

According to Ravindran, MCCCA is willing to throw its support behind the Home Ministry in its effort to release the names.

Nevertheless, he said that merely releasing the names will not do any good. “Even a school boy can come out with a list.

“I am sure the police have gang leaders’ profiling obtained from their ground intelligence and they should announce to the public and go after them,” said Ravindran

He further added that by naming the gang leaders and hunting those down will restore public confidence towards the police as being serious in curbing criminals and illegal activities.

“MCCCA is new and our main objective is to assist the community and reduce crime along with the police and Home Ministry,” said Ravindran.

Last week the Home Ministry declared 49 societies associated with gangs as being unlawful under the Societies Act 1966. The detailed list revealed the gang names.

Stop abusing the Hindu Symbol

Meanwhile, MyWatch advisor S Gobi Krishnan also welcomed the decision to release the list and says that it will send a strong message to the gangs.

In a phone interview with FMT, he said that the outlawed gangs should be punished severely and the authorities should do the best in combating the underworld.

“The main concern here is to go after gang leaders and not only the small gang members,” said Gobi

According to Gobi, some Indian gangs such as Gang 04 carry a swastika logo and Gang 36 the Sanskrit OM as their gang symbol.

“It’s mocking Hinduism and it gives a bad impression to the society as though the religion supports gangsterism,” said Gobi

Gobi also stressed that the gangs should stop displaying the symbols and numbers during funeral procession as it’s a disgrace to the community.

He further suggested that Hindu Sangam should condemn such acts in public.

He also said that the authorities should take stern action against those displaying these logos in association with gangsterism.

“Do not stop after releasing the list. Further concrete actions must be mooted immediately to apprehend these gang leaders,” said Gobi.

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