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A Thor-ny Vikingdom

 | September 20, 2013

New movie by KRU Studios slated by Norse mythology expert for skewing facts into fiction make belief.

PETALING JAYA: Local film makers KRU Studios’ big budget film ‘Vikingdom’ has been slated by a Chicago-based Norse mythology expert for grossly insulting Norse Gods and followers.

Mythologist Karl E. H. Seigfried told FMT that he had repeatedly written private emails to “several people at KRU”, including company director Shireen M Hashim, on the errors depicted in the film, but

“they (KRU) have made no response”.

He also claimed that several people from the Malaysian film industry had written to him privately saying that they were afraid to speak out publicly against KRU as it would hurt their careers.

“I have received many comments and messages from Malaysians who are embarrassed by the actions of KRU – and by their silence on this matter,” Seigfried said in an e-mail to FMT.

“Many Malaysian Muslims have apologised publicly and privately for what KRU has done – but KRU is still silent,” he added.

Seigfried expressed concern over Shireen’s promotional material for the film, in which she claimed the film was based on “myth and history”.

“They (KRU) repeatedly claim that their film is based on research in Scandinavian libraries and on mythology, history, legend and poetry,” he said.

“However, their film turns all of this upside down and makes Thor, the protector of mankind in this religion, into an evil tyrant,” he lamented.

“KRU is either lying about their research, or they are purposefully choosing to do to Ásatrú (the modern Norse religion with followers all over the world) what ‘Innocence of Muslims’ did to Islam: grossly insult its gods and followers.

“They are perverting what many people consider to be sacred texts. Is it now okay to portray Abraham, Jesus or Muhammad as an evil demon – and say it is based on ‘research?”

Dark propaganda

In an open letter to KRU studios recently, Seigfried questioned Shireen on the “statement” she made while promoting the movie.

He referred to her promotional statement, “In the midst of time comes the clanging of steel against steel, a collision of myth and history…. Vikingdom”, and asked “what ‘myth and history’ the film is based on?”

“You can’t be referring to tales of Norse Mythology, because they clearly portray Thor as the protector of humanity,” he said.

“By ‘history’, do you mean the sagas of Christian rulers like Olaf Tryggvason, who violently persecuted, tortured and murdered anyone who would not convert to the New Way of Christianity?”

Seigfried then accused the producers of “wholeheartedly accepting the darkest propaganda of the Christian missionaries and their allies who violently persecuted followers of the Old Way”.

He likened Vikingdom to the anti-Muslim trailer “Innocence of Muslims” which “turned the message of Muhammad upside down and gravely insulted Muslims the world over”.

“Likewise, your film turns the ancient role of Thor exactly upside down,” he said.

“I hope that you have not set out to insult the memory of the many, many followers of the Old Way who were tortured and murdered for their refusal to abandon their ancient faith.

“I hope that you have not set out to insult the international community of followers of Ásatrú, the living religion that venerates the Norse gods & takes Thor’s hammer as its holy symbol.”

Vikingdom was directed by Yusry Abdul Halim and released in Malaysia on Sept 12, 2013. KRU Studios could not be contacted for comment.


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