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Najib fosters wide ranging ties in US

September 30, 2013

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said his visit to the US was to match the measures taken by Malaysia at the global level with the national transformation.

NEW YORK: Malaysia has identified several strategic areas and investments to further strengthen collaboration with the United
States, said Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

It is necessary for Malaysia to acquire extensive knowledge in the areas to further empower efforts toward achieving developed nation and high income nation status.

The prime minister said this at a media conference before ending his working visit to San Francisco and New York from Sept 22 until Sept 29.

He said the visit was to match the measures taken by Malaysia at the global level with the national transformation.

Among the strategic areas are information technology (IT), biotechnology and science and technology that can be used by Malaysia to enhance knowledge and learning of science and technology.

“Similarly in the innovation process, how we can establish a knowledge economy in Malaysia will surely depend on our innovative abilities,” he said.

Najib, who is also Finance minister said in his visit this time he also encouraged US companies to increase their investments in Malaysia not only from the aspect of quantity but also the application of new technology.

On his address at the 68th session of the United National General Assembly (UNGA) 2013 on Saturday, in which he urged the international community to unite to marginalise the extremist groups which used religion to commit violence, the prime minister said it covered a wider spectrum.

He said it was not just from Malaysia’s perspective and interests but in what manner could Malaysia contribute towards peace and world development and solutions to problems and conflicts which have besieged a number of countries particularly Islamic nations.

“What we see are challenging issues faced by Islamic nations and the Islamic world.

“Hence why it is very important for leaders of Islamic countries to contribute and state their stance on what should be done to address the problems and conflicts within the Islamic world,” he said, further urging the international community to find a fair resolution to the conflicts in Syria and Palestine.

Najib met scientists, corporate America

Asked on the response by other leaders to his speech at the assembly, Najib said many of them later shook his hand to express their congratulations.

“Alhamdulillah, because my speech was not limited to Malaysia but also other views and ideas and contributions in a much wider context on world and problems affecting Islamic countries problems,” he said.

On his series of meetings with investors, traders and corporate members and American scientists in San Francisco and New York, Najib said they were very receptive to his presentation.

“Some even whispered to me to proceed with what had been done and was being done as regards the Malaysian government’s transformation plan and agenda because they are confident it is very good and very pertinent not only for Malaysia’s interest.

“Because we initiate to draw in investors from outside, they too can get involved in playing a role in Malaysia’s transformation process and opportunities for them are considerable as we have a plan that is really enormous, open and global,” he said.

On the long duration of the visit, Najib replied: “Yes, because it is back to back of several initiatives and to avoid making two trips.

“We combined the Global Science and Innovation Advisory council (GSIAC), IT, biotech, UNGA, investment, its actually half a dozen initiatives in one.

“Of course you cover west coast and east coast and the logistics is going to take sightly longer.”

He said the visit had also served as an eye-opener for him, not only the ‘hardware’ but also the ‘software’ aspect of it, “that was the culture aspect on how things tied up together, and building the interpersonal relationship with the IT community, with the investors, and the scientific community in America.

“I’ve developed many personal relationship with so many important people and I think that relationship certainly serves the people well,” he added.

Changing life in Malaysia

The prime minister also hosted a dinner for Malaysian students and citizens at the banquet hall of the Malaysian Permanent Mission in New York here.

During the gathering, Najib explained that the reason for his visit to social media companies Facebook, Google and Twitter was to enhance the development of innovation and IT in Malaysia.

“I met the leaders of these companies to create a personal relationship, so that we develop the relationship with other countries with corporate America,so that Malaysia will become a major player.

“For example, if you take the IT sector, we do not want to be mere  consumers. We want to be its producer and creator, in short a major player.

“That is why we have the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) in Cyberjaya and other places.

“We want to change the life in Malaysia and the Digital Malaysia agenda to be successful. We want Cyberjaya to go to Silicon Valley or Silicon Valley to come to Cyberjaya and a Malaysian company can acquire a Silicon Valley company.”

Also present at the gathering were the prime minister’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, Foreign minister Anifah Aman and his wife and
Malaysian Special Envoy to the US,  Jamaluddin Jarjis.



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