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Comango: Let’s talk; Isma: You repent first

 | February 19, 2014

The group says it shares with Islam a hatred of violence


PETALING JAYA: The Coalition of Malaysian NGOs (Comango) today defended its report to the United Nations as being in line with Islam and proposed a dialogue with all groups critical of it.

Referring to a statement by Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) which she described as “threatening”, Comango spokesperson Honey Tan said: “As opposed to making threats and intimidation via media, we welcome dialogue with groups like Isma who want to understand our report.

“If you want clarity, we’d like to invite Isma or any other parties constantly slamming our report to have a face-to-face discussion.”

Tan told a press conference here that Comango, like Islam, wished to defend the rights of all people and was against violence.

“In our report, we didn’t talk about same sex relationships or ‘sex songsang’ (unnatural sex),” she said.

“We just said violence against anyone is unacceptable, including the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) community.

“This is in line with Islam, because Islam also abhors violence.”

She said Comango was not interested in entering into a religious dispute on whether being an LGBT was morally right.

What mattered to the organisation, she added, was that everyone must be protected from the threat of violence.

She reiterated Comango’s stand on human rights, saying they were universal and could not be negotiated.

Last Friday, the National Fatwa Council accused Comango of intending to destroy Islam’s position in Malaysia and urged the government to take stern action against it.

It said Comango’s demands violated Malaysia’s laws and constitutions as well as international norms and would trigger chaos in the country and destroy the culture of Muslims.

Isma reject discusssion

Meanwhile, when contacted Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) said they had nothing to discuss with the coalition and urged all members of the pro-democracy group to repent.

Its president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman stated another reason why there shouldn’t be any discussion between the group was “Comango is not a registered organisation”.

“Discussion is not what we want and this is not the approach we asked,”

“There is nothing to discuss plus they are not a registered entity. Majority of Malaysians reject Comango’s ideas. All they need to do is to repent,” Zaik said.

Zaik then insisted again that the group is somehow controlled by western agendas which according to him is trying to brainwash the Muslims into accepting liberalism.

Echoing Zaik’s sentiment is Perkasa’s secretary general Syed Hassan Syed Ali who insisted that the pro-human rights group be removed due to its liberal beliefs.

“Comango should not exist. There is no need for Malaysia to have Comango thus I agree with Isma to reject the proposal (discussion),”

“Comango is a western agenda and I have said this too many times. It will only destroy the Malay Muslims in Malaysia,” said Syed.


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