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Najib-Anwar political truce a big threat

 | March 8, 2014

The verdict was intended to stop the co-operation as the “northern faction” was extremely troubled that this ‘alliance’ would endanger their own existence.

Najib AnwarKUCHING: The Court of Appeal’s ruling against Anwar Ibrahim yesterday was a part of a plan to prevent a ‘truce’ between Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional, which was meant to bring Malaysia back on her feet economically, opined a Sabah political analyst.

Zainnal Ajamain said the verdict was intended  to stop the co-operation as the “northern faction” was extremely troubled that this ‘alliance’ would endanger their own existence.

“There is no point in taking Najib (Tun Razak) out of the game because as it is now, all of Najib’s  moves have been neutralized.

“Najib is not a threat but the alliance is.

“Therefore it is in the northern faction’s best interest to take Anwar out of the game,” said Zainnal insinuating that the best way was through the courts.

While not naming anyone directly, Zainnal said the ‘northern faction’  was  now “another force which is invisible but equally potent in this game.”

He said this force can “reach deep into the country’s machinery and influence its outcome” hinting at former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad.

He also speculated that Anwar was aiming to take  control of Selangor through a victory in the Kajang by-election.

He said once Anwar had taken over Selangor, he would then proceed to hand it to Umno and start a mass exodus back into the Barisan Nasional fold and subsequently execute the National Reconciliation Plan.

Describing Anwar’s political move as  ‘The Kajang Gambit’, Zainnal added: “The country’s economic situation is chronic, the only way for the country to get back on its feet is when both sides of the political divide work together to achieve the country’s common goal.

“From the government side this move is called National Reconciliation Plan and from the opposition side it is called the National Consensus Plan.

“But whatever you call it, it will amount to the same thing a political truce, Anwar’s Kajang Gambit.”

History to repeat

Zainnal said the biggest question now was how and what form this “truce” would take.

“Is it  going to be an understanding between Najib and Anwar? Or is the Kajang Gambit actually a way for Anwar and gang to be readmitted into Umno, the same way the Semangat 46 members returned to Umno?.

“The difference then with Semangat 46 and now is there was no Selangor as a bargaining  chip. Now Anwar has Selangor to put on the table,” Zainnal opined.

He said the members of the ‘northern faction’ were threatened by this possibility.

“Such an alliance is bad for business especially to those coming from the Northern Factions.

“The political strength that can be generated from this alliance may well push them into a massive retreat,” he said.

He also further opined that it suited the ‘bigger’ agenda well to imprison Anwar because other efforts to stoke civil disobedience through the kangkong episode and threats of the May 13 incident had failed.

“These failed to create the necessary stimulants to start a massive defiance and disobedience movement from the people.

“Putting Anwar in jail based on overturned charges may just be the catalyst to start a massive defiance and disobedience movement throughout Malaya.

“The government wants total and absolute control of the population to manage the country’s economic situation.

“The problem is that total and absolute control of the people cannot be enforced unless there are total and absolute defiance and disobedience by the people,” he said.

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