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Animal cruelty in Perlis snake and reptile park

 | March 10, 2014

Animal rights group said primates were only fed with cabbage

Animal abuse (1)PETALING JAYA: Animal cruelty is once more happening in a local zoo. If late last year Johor Zoo was portrayed as the worst zoo, this time the Perlis Snake and Reptile Park is accused of mistreating and neglecting animals under their care by a local animal rights group.

The group known as Malaysian Friends of the Animals (MFOTA) told FMT that the reptile farm had probably spent over a million to beautify its park but animals especially primates were fed with only cabbage.

The group later described that the animals were kept in small empty cages without enrichment before concluding that the animals were under severe distress condition.

“All the primates do every single day is stare out of their inhumane, antiquated and law breaking cages. There is no enrichment to keep their minds busy. It’s no wonder all of them appear to be extremely stressed out, and they have been in this condition for years.”

“During our visit recently we were shocked to find that almost all primates had no drinking water available. We also saw the primates, including stump tailed macaques, given cabbage to eat and nothing else,” the group told FMT.

The pro animal rights group later claimed that some macaques have lost an astonishing amount of hair due to stress, poor diet or infection.

Animal abuse (2)MFOTA spokesperson Hasrul Mohamed then lambasted Perbadanan Kemajuan Ekonomi Perlis (PKENP), a state own body who according to them had failed to take care of the animal’s welfare before describing that there has been no improvement from the zoo for more than a year.

“PKENP has probably spent over a million ringgit to make the zoo more pleasant for visitors, but the animals are still suffering everyday, and you have primates getting fed just cabbage, this is simply outrageous and unacceptable.

“Worse PKENP is going to expand the zoo further and add more attractions, this is madness.” Hasrul said.

Annoyed with PKENP, Hasrul said his group will conduct another ‘visit’ to the zoo in the near future and warned the zoo to improve its condition.

“Clearly PKENP does not care about animals in the zoo and the zoo is unfit to look after them. The zoo should either re-home all the animals or urgently spend on improving the welfare of all animals.

“We will be back to check on Perlis Snake & Reptile Park,” he affirmed.

Meanwhile, in a short response, Nature Alert spokesperson Sean Whyte took a swipe at both wildlife department (Perhilitan) and the zoo for ignoring the animal abuse.

Animal abuse (3)“It’s shocking how despite the new law, both the zoo and Perhilitan have ignored this animal abuse for years. Though, I can’t say I am surprised,” he said.

Last year FMT had posted a report of mistreatment of animals in Johor Zoo to which the management had said that it was ‘powerless’ to stop visitors from feeding the animals and that animal rights groups were just looking for an “excuse to blame the management.

A local animal rights organisation highlighted the Johor Zoo as the worst in Malaysia as the animals are kept in inadequate and poor conditions.

Reacting to the management’s remarks, two seasoned animal rights activists slammed the zoo management and the wildlife department, labelling them as “incompetent and incapable” of taking care of the animal’s needs.

(Video link to the story)

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