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‘VIP Bomoh’ at KLIA ridiculed

 | March 12, 2014

Several Facebook commentators urge the authorities to take action against shaman Ibrahim Mat Zin, while others poke fun at him.

Raja BomohPETALING JAYA: The antics by self-styled Raja Bomoh Sedunia (World Shaman King), Ibrahim Mat Zin at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) drew brickbats and ridicule on the social media.

“Oh my God, Why are you embarrassing us Malaysians more with your crazy antics? Whose brilliant idea is it to have bomohs in coats with coconuts??? Real bunch of clowns la,” said Facebook user Nurlina Husin.

On Sunday, Ibrahim pulled a stunt, showing him using bamboos as binocular and looking into a fish trap, in order ‘to locate’ the missing MH370 flight.

The shaman claimed that the plane was ‘being held in a land inhabited by elves’ and he was doing everything he could to ‘free’ the aircraft.

Today, Ibrahim brought several other assistants who sat on a mat and portrayed an act of diving on the sea.

One man is seen carrying two coconuts up and down, in an attempt to ‘break the barrier in the land of elves’ to free the aircraft.

Popular satire Facebook page, Malaysian Gags poked fun at Ibrahim’s antics, even putting a panel showing Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and wife, Rosmah Mansor leaving the country for the nonsense spewed by Ibrahim.

“I feel so damn embarrassed to call my self Malaysian anymore.. sigh,” said commentator Vincent Tan.

Responsing to Tan’s comments, commentator Muhammad Aiman said that what Ibrahim was doing had nothing to do with Islam.

“There is something wrong with the bomoh. Please do not misunderstand Islam,” he said.

Fellow Muslims were not amused by Ibrahim’s stunts, saying the authorities should put a stop at the shaman’s antics.

Bomoh“This charlatans antics is making Malaysia a joke at the international arena. Where is the minister in charge of Islamic affairs?” asked Amy Aleesya.

Another commentator Nash Tahir said,” Why are there so many stupid people in the country? This is what happens when you don’t go to school.”

Another satire site, Pusat Aduan Haiwan 1Malaysia questioned the absence of Muslim NGOs, as Ibrahim was using nonsensical rituals that undermines Islam.

The page administrator also indicated that there were similarities between Ibrahim’s rituals with one of P Ramlee’s comedy movie, Laksamana Do Re Mi.

“Only an ex-mufti dared to voice out against this. The rest are hiding under a table out of fear,” said commentator Kremer Exzia.

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