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‘I refuse to accept Zaharie is involved’

 | March 17, 2014

Best friend Peter Chong expresses his utmost trust in MH370 pilot Captain Zaharie.

capt ketupat palasSEPANG: “If I were to choose a pilot to fly me in the future I’d still choose Captain Zaharie because he is a responsible and honest guy.”

These were the words of Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s good friend Peter Chong to FMT this afternoon despite recent media speculation portraying Zaharie as a prime suspect for the missing flight MH370.

In the interview, Chong expressed his utmost trust in the pilot he became friends with in 2012 before describing Zaharie as a man who loves to share with his close friends, the joy of flying.

“I have the utmost trust in him although we’ve only known each other for two years,”

“I’d be the first guy to ask him to take me on a plane again as soon as he comes back. I trust him that much,” Chong said.

Chong who is also a member of PKR disclosed that Zaharie had on several occasions invited him to his house in Shah Alam to try the flight simulator.

Due to his heavy workload, Chong said he was unable to find the perfect time to go to his friend’s house.

“He invited me several times and offered me to try the flight simulator. But I did not have the time.

“If he comes back, the second thing that I want to do is to go to his house and try the simulator,” he added.

Asked if he believed the hijacking theory, Chong said that he wished the theory was right and that the plane MH370 is safe so Zaharie can be reunited with his family soon.

“I hope the theory is right and the plane is somewhere safe so he can be returned to his family.”

A good cook and humble person

Recalling the day they first met, Chong told FMT that Zaharie had joined a community event held in Subang and soon both became best of friends.

“He joined in as a volunteer and he was there cleaning and arranging the chairs.

“I realised that I had never met this guy before so I introduced myself. He told me that he worked with MAS and it was only later that I found out he was a Captain.

“He is a very humble guy,” Chong said.

Chong continued by revealing that the 53-year-old pilot is a good cook and had made homemade ‘ketupat palas’ for Subang MP R Sivarasa’s open house, last Hari Raya.

“The last Hari Raya, Zaharie supplied 130 homemade ketupat for Sivarasa’s open house.

“He made it all by himself and it was then I knew that he is a very good cook,” he said.

Chong said the last time they spoke to each other was a week before the tragedy of MH370 and they had planned to meet up sometime this week.

“It was two weeks ago. A week before he flew the MH370. We were supposed to meet up this week,” Chong revealed.

Photo, courtesy of Peter Chong, shows Capt Zaharie making ketupat palas during the last Hari Raya.


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