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Mahathir ‘certain’ 1MDB money in Najib’s accounts

 | August 29, 2015

The former PM says there has never been a Malay PM who stole money from the people and never one who said that he received a large political donation from an Arab.


PASIR GUDANG : Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, 90, reminded the people at a gathering in Pasir Gudang on Saturday, “Bicara Negarawan – Malaysia Hari Ini- Kemana Kita” (A Statesman Speaks – Where is today’s Malaysia headed?) that if the Malays have been warned that they will end up as bangsat (outcasts), they can escape that fate if the bangsat leader who said this was sent packing.

“Because of him, we are bangsat,” said Mahathir while also tearing into Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and family for their lifestyle, their opulence and grandeur. “Never take money and think that it’s okay as long as you don’t give your vote to the person who is trying to bribe you. Once you accept money, all will be lost. Never think that it’s okay, I am just taking only a little money’.”

He said that if he was accused of being an instigator, then he has to concede that he was one. “Let’s have more conventions and rallies all over the country.”

“He (Najib) said about bangsat. Why bangsat? It’s because of stealing money. There has never been so far, until now, a Malay Prime Minister who stole money (from the people).”

Mahathir, sometimes not referring to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak by name, added: “He said that it (RM2.6 billion) was a donation. Are we stupid (to swallow this lie)?”

“I waited for Najib at the Nothing2Hide Forum for him to turn up. He didn’t come. He knew that if he turned up and lied, I will nail him. I am certain that the money in his personal banking accounts is from 1MDB. I am certain that it’s not a donation from an Arab.”

The former Prime Minister noted that someone (Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi) had met with the Arab donor and seen the evidence on the claim. “If so, bring the Arab. Let’s ask him from where he got his money, what business does he do, and why he donated such a large sum of money to Najib.”

Mahathir lamented that the government and institutions had failed because the laws were being used to protect criminals and persecute those who complained about wrongdoing. “That’s Malaysia today. The laws are not being used to protect the victims of the criminals.”

“If we report to the police we will be investigated. It’s not the fault of the police. They are being instructed by the people on the top.”

The Federal Constitution was being ignored, he continued, by people who think that they are above the law. “The same thing happened in the Philippines during the time of Marcos. The people had to take to the streets. It’s the same in Malaysia. People are taking to the streets because all channels for dialogue have been closed.”

The former Prime Minister referred to the possibility that Umno Deputy President Muhyiddin Yassin and Langkawi Wanita Umno leader Anina Saadudin would both be stripped of their party membership. “Anina has filed a case (on behalf of Umno re the RM2.6 billion). You (Anina) may be sacked but I hail you for your bravery. No risk, no gain.”

“I say file more cases and attend more rallies, More Bersih rallies. We can succeed.”

Mahathir asked what right Najib had to sack a veteran like Muhyiddin from the party. “I also heard that he wants to rig the election (GE14 in 2018). We want Barisan Nasional (BN) to win the General Election but we want Najib to lose.”

“If the President goes, who will become Prime Minister? By convention, it’s the Deputy President.”

What we need is a new Prime Minister, added Mahathir. “Maybe Muhyiddin.”

Pasir Gudang was the parliamentary seat of Johor Menteri Besar Mohamed Khaled Nordin between 2008 and 2013. He’s currently the Assemblyman for Permas Jaya, a state seat in Pasir Gudang.


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