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MP accuses IGP of protecting police in Rumah Api case

 | September 3, 2015

Kasthuri Patto is appalled the IGP only did a simple check with police before dismissing the women detainees' claims of mistreatment as a pack of lies.


PETALING JAYA: The Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar has been accused by Batu Kawan MP Kasthuri Patto of protecting police by dismissing a claim by a woman detainee that she and others were mistreated by police while in detention after being arrested at the Rumah Api music venue last Friday.

According to media reports, the menstruating women in the group were deprived of wearing underwear and made to change their soiled sanitary napkins in the presence of police personnel.

Khalid however checked with police who denied such mistreatment, after which he told the media that it was an attempt by the women to tarnish the image of the police force.

In a statement today, Kasthuri said, “As the country’s top cop, it is appalling that his statement comes after a mere ‘checking’ with the police personnel. Up to now, there has not been a single squeak on the mistreatment of these women if it will be investigated or not.”

She questioned how the IGP could have come to such a conclusion without any formal investigation and added, “If so, can the rakyat assume that the IGP’s remark was to protect police officers who have violated their code of conduct and have abused their power as defenders of the law and protectors of the people?”

She also accused the IGP of suffering from “gross selective amnesia” since he failed to recall the number of cases concerning abuse of power by police in which women detainees were either raped, gang raped, threatened with rape or made to perform carnal intercourse against the order of nature.

She cited cases in 2012, 2014, and three this year alone including the gang rape of Rohingya women held at human trafficking camps on the Malaysian side of the border to which there were witnesses.

“The reality is that it is not beneath some of our men in blue to behave in such a thuggish, sickening manner in the presence of women detainees. These crude vulgar acts must be thoroughly investigated and the perpetrator charged with a heavy sentence and condemned openly by the IGP, the Home Minister and the Prime Minister as well,” Kasthuri said.

She demanded for an “open, transparent and thorough investigation” into the latest claims involving the Rumah Api women detainees and added, “Violation of a detainees rights is no laughing matter and the IGP must treat it in the same way he is treating the case of the ‘photo stomp’ (Bersih 4 rally goers stepping on the picture of the prime minister and PAS president).

“By hastily claiming that the allegations are lies WITHOUT an investigation will only result in a bloodied foot from a premature shot.”


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