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Aspan : “Send out the clowns”

 | September 4, 2015

Najib and his Cabinet must be ousted from power now to save Umno, BN and the nation, he argues.


KUALA LUMPUR: Political analyst Aspan Alias has has given our Members of Parliament some bedtime reflection.

“Bring these questions to sleep,” he advises them.

  • Do you all still believe that Najib can hold the Putrajaya fort?
  • Are you happy to be the agents of failure for BN and Umno?
  • Do you not want a new vibrant government with a national correction plan to return the country to its lofty heights?
  • Are you not eager to feel the sweetness of national unity and grow old with it?

“It is not just Dr Mahathir who wants a vote of no confidence to be tabled at the next Parliament sitting,” Aspan writes in his latest blog entry.

The rakyat does as well, he says.

Mahathir, he claims, was just telling the Members of Parliament to be sensitive to the issue as the people at large want Najib voted out as soon as possible to relieve the country from further pain and distress.

“Where can the people lean their heads on if not on the shoulders of their Members of Parliament,” he asks.

If the MPs fail to respond, the situation will surely worsen and there will be two parties who will be at odds with the rakyat – Najib and the Cabinet, and “the insensitive and self-serving Members of Parliament who are not fulfilling the wishes of the people,” Aspan says.

In such a situation, Aspan has no doubt that BN and Umno will lose power at the next general elections.

“We must accept and resign ourselves to the fact that majority of the ordinary Malaysians want Najib and his Cabinet line-up to go – if possible instantaneously,” Aspan writes.

“Enough is enough,” he says. “The rakyat have the right to live in an acceptable political ambience which they have not felt for a long time.”

“They want a new leadership that can steer the nation to greater heights.”

The rakyat no longer wants to see the top leaders act like “court-jesters” without ethics, finesse or basic decorum. Neither do they want to listen to any more “foolish statements.”

The people are now pinning their hopes on their MPs to dislodge the Prime Minister and his Cabinet.

That, Aspan believes, is what will allow BN and Umno to cling on to power.

Anything else, he says, will see the ruling coalition lose its grip on political power forever.


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