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DAP ticked off for distorting Chinese ambassador’s words

 | September 28, 2015

MCA says DAP, prone to spinning, is damaging Malaysia-China ties by claiming Dr Huang Hui Kang said China would react if local Chinese come under attack.

Ti-Lian-KerPETALING JAYA: MCA issued a curt statement today reprimanding the DAP of attempting to damage Malaysia-China ties over their distortion of what Chinese ambassador Dr Huang Hui Kang said in Petaling Street last Friday.

Ti Lian Ker, MCA’s Religious Harmony Bureau and Central Committee Member, also extended the reprimand to “other haters” who have dragged the good office of his Excellency, the Ambassador of China, into the country’s local politics.

“The irresponsible spinning by DAP could affect the diplomatic goodwill and excellent bonds between all sectors in Malaysia and China.”

He was referring to alleged statements uttered by Huang, which have gone viral on social media, and for which MCA had been slammed for as well.

“Dr Huang did not utter words such as ‘China will not stand idly should MALAYSIAN CHINESE come under attack.’ It was merely spinning by DAP,” Ti said, explaining that the ambassador had emphasised instead that China respected Malaysia and would not meddle or interfere in the country’s home affairs.

“MCA wishes to alert DAP that China, like any other country which is represented by its foreign mission in Malaysia or anywhere else in the world will protect the interests of its own citizens, as would our Malaysian envoys posted abroad.

“The Ambassador from China reiterated universal values that China is against any form of racism and terrorism.”

Ti said the DAP and other critics, in choosing to distort Dr Huang’s words, were doing a great a disservice to both countries and said, “Decades of racial and regional goodwill can easily evaporate due to DAP’s political game.

“It is not beneath DAP to spin statements selectively and irresponsibly at the expense of our excellent government-to-government relationship between Malaysia and China for DAP’s political agenda.”

He added, “Although it is in their party’s interest to try to embarrass MCA Ministers, it is undeniably at the expense of the nation.”

Last Friday, Dr Huang and his entourage stopped by Petaling Street to meet with the traders there, mostly Chinese, and distribute mooncakes in conjunction with the Mooncake festival.

During his visit he stated his firm belief that all Malaysians, save a handful, already enjoyed racial harmony and appealed to those bent on causing trouble, to kindly refrain from doing so.

His words however were distorted when some quarters reported that he allegedly said China would intervene should any harm come to local Chinese, a statement Dr Huang has strongly denied uttering.


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