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Khairy down in the ‘dumps’ over waste management

 | August 22, 2016

Minister of Youth and Sports talks about the tough job Alam Flora workers have and how the rakyat can help by separating their trash and preserving the environment.


Khairy-Alalm-FloraPETALING JAYA: It’s not every day you see a minister in full Alam Flora garb, riding a dumpster and picking up trash as he promotes the importance of separating one’s trash for the sake of the environment.

But that’s precisely what Khairy Jamaluddin, the Minister of Youth and Sports did in his effort to educate the public about the important and tough job of Alam Flora workers who work tirelessly to help keep our streets clean and preserve our environment.

In a 5:30-minute video, posted by Crap.TV on their official Facebook page, Khairy is seen alongside three other Alam Flora workers with brooms and dust-pans in hand as they go about a typical work day.

Although sometimes humorous and light-hearted in how he puts across the message of recycling and trash management, Khairy imparts important knowledge and pleads with the public to do their part in preserving planet earth.

Among the issues are freeing the roads of illegally parked cars that makes manoeuvring the Alam Flora dumpster a job for only the skilful.

He also advises residents to separate their trash, and says that many still however persist in dumping paper, plastic and glass refuse into the same trash bag that in turn over-burdens landfills as recycling cannot be carried out effectively.

“We must reduce the pressure on landfills so that we don’t have to build more landfills in this country and we want to encourage people to recycle and we also want to encourage people to contribute towards the environment and also waste management in this country,” Khairy says.

He also advised the general public to refrain from littering and to change their negative habits for the sake of the environment.

Highlighting the importance of using reusable bags instead of plastic bags when shopping for groceries, he said the “no plastic bag” rule adopted by the Malacca state government was a good move everyone should emulate as part of “sustainable living.”

“We have a role to play in looking after our environment. Let’s face it, we only have one of this world. We only have one earth and it’s our job to look after it.”



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