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Jong Nam murder suspects ‘rehearsed prank’ in China

 | February 17, 2017

Report says the two women, who worked as escorts, were befriended by a man, said to be a spy.


PETALING JAYA: The two suspected female killers of Kim Jong Nam are reported to have been in China for three months before the murder in Malaysia, says The Straits Times of Singapore.

Quoting China Press, the report said Indonesian Siti Aisyah, 25, and Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong, 29, worked as escorts in China, where they got to know a man believed to be a spy.

The man introduced Doan, and then Siti, to the four men now wanted by police in connection with the killing of Jong Nam, the exiled half-brother of North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong Un.

The report theorised the two women were not North Korean agents but dupes who had unwittingly committed murder when they thought they were merely playing a prank for the cameras.

The two women were paid to take part in a prank video. They were said to have rehearsed the scene together so that they would get it right for the video.

Siti was to cover Jong Nam’s face with a handkerchief and Doan to administer an injection.

The two women have claimed they thought they were playing a joke for the camera when they did as described on Monday at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2.

Jong Nam was at the airport to catch the 9am flight back to Macau. He walked up to the counter to seek help saying he was in great pain.

He told the counter staff that a woman had sprayed him with a liquid while another woman held a piece of cloth over his face.

He was taken to a nearby clinic at the airport. He died while being taken in an ambulance to the Putrajaya Hospital.

The two women are said to have denied knowing the true identity of the man they thought they were playing a joke on.

Doan was arrested on Wednesday when she returned to klia2, apparently to board a flight home.

Siti was picked up at a hotel in Ampang at 2am the following day. Siti’s boyfriend, a Malaysian, was also detained to help in investigations.

Police sources said it was believed Siti had abandoned Doan and was hoping to hole up at the hotel until the “coast was clear” to leave the country.

Police are hunting for four men said to have been with the women at the airport.


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