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PAS derides ‘Pak Lebai Party’ label by critics

 | May 1, 2017

PAS youth chief also highlights threats of fake news, borderless digital world and schools of thought which poison minds of youth through liberal and secular ideals.


ALOR SETAR: PAS Youth chief Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi has hit out at those who have criticised the Islamist party as being a “Pak Lebai Party” (People who wear skullcaps).

Without naming names, Khalil said there were “voices of cynicism” who slapped the label on PAS.

“We want them to know that this Pak Lebai Party is proven to be clean of the ‘filth’ from secular and worldly politics.

“This Pak Lebai Party has succeeded in bringing together professionals and activists and this Pak Lebai Party will be the first in line to defend Islam,” said Khalil in his wrap up speech at the PAS muktamar today.

Recently, Selangor Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali appeared to mock former PAS Youth chief Nik Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz, who lost the contest for the Pengkalan Chepa PAS deputy chief’s post.

Previously, Nik Abduh had confirmed that PAS wanted to take over Selangor.

“Ada tok lebai nak tawan Selangor. Kawasan sendiri pun kalah tersungkur (There’s a Tok Lebai who wants to take over Selangor, but he lost in his own area)”, tweeted Azmin.

On a separate issue, Khalil, the son of PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, said today’s youth were exposed to fake news, a borderless digital world as well as schools of thoughts which “poisoned” the minds of youth through liberal and secular ideals.

He said these were being pushed by NGOs, backed by anti-Islam parties and funded by those overseas who wanted to destroy the agenda of upholding Islam in Malaysia.

Khalil said this was what happened in the Arab Spring, as well as attempted power grabs in Turkey and attempts to challenge political Islam in Indonesia.

“We will be the first line of defence against these threats,” he said.

Khalil also spoke on the next general election (GE14), saying there were those who saw it as a “battle” between those who wanted to uphold Islam and those who didn’t want to.

“I want to stress that PAS Youth stands firmly behind our leadership in upholding Islam as the country’s official religion through our mature and harmonious political approach.”

He said PAS’ readiness to discuss with various parties, stems from the party’s realisation that Malaysia needs maturity to save the country from money politics and the politics of ignorance.

“The politics of Islam which we are pursuing is not based on the dominance of the Malays or Chinese or Indians but based on moral values, truth, justice, knowledge, harmony and respect which can save Malaysia.”

Khalil took over as the youth chief from Nik Abduh, the son of PAS’ late spiritual advisor Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, at this year’s muktamar.

This year’s PAS muktamar is the second party assembly since the 2015 party elections which saw the defeat of several veteran leaders who were contesting for top posts.

These leaders later set up Amanah, who are now part of Pakatan Harapan together with PKR, DAP and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia.

PAS: PKR leaders may lose parliamentary seats after mocking us


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