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3 students are lying, says Bayu College

 | June 19, 2017

Bayu College CEO Loganathan Rajagopal says the students were informed about an optional dual programme and the fee would be RM200 a month.

N-Puspadewi-and-S-Manhayakharasii--1KLANG: Bayu College has accused three of its former students of telling lies and deliberately defaming the college.

The accusation was made after the three students, sponsored under a programme by the Socioeconomic Development of Indian Community Unit (Sedic), claimed they had not received the full amount of allowances promised to them while attending their course.

G Saundarya said she received RM300 while N Puspadewi and S Manhayakharasii said they got RM600 for the entire five-month course. By right, they were supposed to get RM400 a month as allowance between February and April this year.

The matter was taken up by Kapar MP G Manivannan, who threatened to take legal action against Sedic.

However, Bayu College CEO Loganathan Rajagopal told reporters at a press conference today that all the students had received prior notice of an optional dual programme the students could enrol in for RM200 a month.

He said this fee would be deducted from the RM400 monthly allowance if they agreed.

“They were asked to sign an agreement form which outlined the conditions of the dual programme. Their parents were also informed of it beforehand,” he said.

“We did not force any of the students to sign their names on the form but many had chosen to, including the three students who are now making up the lies.

“If the students were not interested, then why did they sign their names on the form and other documents in the first place?”

Among the programmes offered were a bridal course, an air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation course and an office information technology course.

Last Wednesday, Puspadewi claimed that when she and the other two students approached the college, it claimed RM100 was cut from their allowance for the electronics course they were in and RM200 for the additional bridal course.

However, the students were not satisfied with the explanation as the courses were supposed to have been provided free of charge to them by Sedic, which in turn is sponsored by the government.

Loganathan, however, questioned why it was that the three students had thought the additional course was for free when other classmates who had enrolled for the course knew that they had to pay for it.

“The college had explained the terms and conditions for the additional course and they agreed to it when they signed the agreement.”

He also questioned why the three students had only brought up the issue two months after they had received their allowances in April.

Loganathan also claimed that the three students had the opportunity to complain or direct questions to a Sedic officer who had come to audit the college back in March.

“The officer had asked the students if they had any questions and not one of them raised their hands regarding this issue.

“They even took photos to commemorate the occasion with the Sedic officer and still nothing had come up.”

A handful of the 200 students from the college were present during the press conference and voiced their disagreement with the three students’ actions towards the college.

“The three students do not represent the other 197 of us,” said one student, while another urged the Kapar MP to come to the college and hear their side of the story.

Loganathan said at the request of Sidec, all students, including the three who complained about the dual programme, had been given back their money even though the dual programme course had been going on for three months.

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