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The importance of training for adoptive parents

 | August 9, 2017

An adoptive parent shares the experience of a friend who also adopted a baby but encountered problems dealing with the child's tantrums.


PETALING JAYA: Babies may be bundles of joy, but for parents who adopt a child, special training is often crucial in helping them navigate the complexities that arise from the experience.

Mohd Nazri Mat Nawi and his wife count themselves lucky for having successfully adopted a child from OrphanCare, a baby hatch centre.

Mohd Nazri Mat Nawi

Mohd Nazri Mat Nawi says training is important for inexperienced parents.

Speaking to FMT after the launch of OrphanCare’s new centre at Bukit Gasing here, Nazri said he and his wife had tried to adopt a child for 14 years, and were elated when they could finally bring home a baby boy two years ago.

The 43-year-old said OrphanCare also provided training on how to care for the newly-adopted child, alongside other services such as visitations and hotline call centres.

He said the training was especially important for parents who had no experience in taking care of a child, and that many who had not received training often experienced difficulties in raising their children.

“I knew someone who also adopted a child,” he said. “He told me that his adopted child was having tantrum issues.

“He was aggravated and told me that it just occurred to him that the child did not belong to him. It was frustrating for him,” Nazri said, adding that training would discourage parents from abusing their adopted child.

But parenting can also be fulfilling, as another adoptive parent who introduced himself as Ali, told FMT.

Ali said people should not feel threatened by the social stigma or tedious process of adopting a child.

“Many people are afraid to adopt. They refuse to go through all the fuss and trouble.

“But for me, when I decided to adopt a baby from OrphanCare, everything was smooth sailing,” he said.

Earlier today, OrphanCare launched its new baby hatch centre which features larger premises to cater for the placement of vulnerable babies and marginalised children with caring families.

Present at the event was OrphanCare chairman Faizah Mohd Tahir, as well as officials from the Social Welfare Department (JKM), children’s rights associations and several adoptive parents.

OrphanCare is a non-profit non-governmental organisation established in 2008 under the patronage of Sultanah Kalsom of Pahang. In June 2012, it became a foundation.

Since 2009, the centre has saved over 272 abandoned babies.

Out of this figure, 172 babies were adopted by caring families, while another 100 were reintegrated with their biological parents.


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