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Sabah PH lambasts SAPP for trying to split opposition

 | August 22, 2017

Sabah Progressive Party president Yong Teck Lee has accused both BN and PH as being just 'two sides of the same coin'.

wong-yong-sabahKOTA KINABALU: Sabah Pakatan Harapan (PH) is ready to work with other opposition parties despite one of them, Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP), making a stern call to the people to reject both BN and PH.

Sabah PH components PKR, DAP and Amanah criticised SAPP, saying its president’s comments were inflammatory and would further divide the opposition.

FMT learned from Amanah that PH had a meeting at Sabah PKR’s office on Saturday and agreed to negotiate seats with all other opposition parties to avoid multi-cornered fights against BN come election time.

On Sunday, SAPP president Yong Teck Lee accused both coalitions as being just “two sides of the same coin” and Sabahans would suffer if they continued to vote for these Malayan parties, a report in the Daily Express said.

“While more and more Sabahans have decided to support PH to make a change in the coming general election, I’m saddened to read Yong’s statement,” Sabah DAP chairman Stephen Wong told FMT.

“It has been fired at the wrong enemy and Yong is trying to further divide Sabahans. It will only help BN retain power.

“It is totally uncalled for. I would like to urge Yong to stop being a spoiler, splitting Sabahan votes for PH.

“What we must do now is to seek greater unity to topple BN, not spoil PH’s chances.”

He said Sabahans should seize this golden opportunity to change the federal government.

“I’m currently working with a group to draft PH’s manifesto for the next election where a new deal for Sabah and Sarawak will be confirmed very soon. It will bring a paradigm shift and change for Sabah in particular.

“We are offering a new deal in our manifesto for Sabah and Sarawak.”

On whether PH can still cooperate with SAPP, Wong said: “Why not? He has to show his sincerity. How could he attack us all the while instead of BN?”


Sabah PKR chairman Christina Liew.

Sabah PKR chairman Christina Liew said “a clean, corruption-free and fair government” was the main reason she had stayed on in the opposition.

“I will not quit until I see the BN government changed to a PH government. Where are Yong’s ‘two sides of the same coin’ statement coming from?

“We aim to cooperate with each other to minimise multiple fights as much as possible. Hopefully, we are able to achieve that.”

Liew said statements such as Yong’s belittle the efforts and hard work of the opposition.

“Right now, PKR is working hard on the ground. We are in and out of kampungs daily. Our leaders are working hard in their respective areas.”

Sabah Amanah chairman Hamzah Abdullah said SAPP was formed to topple the then-opposition PBS.

“Yong Teck Lee’s tenure as Sabah chief minister from 1996-1998 was at the mercy of Umno. Despite his claim now as trying to champion the rights of Sabahans, unfortunately, Sabahans remained poor.


Sabah Amanah chairman Hamzah Abdullah.

“Yong never bothered to reinstate the Amanah Rakyat Sabah dividends even when he had the opportunity to do so when he was chief minister.

“Students pursuing tertiary education still need to borrow from the PTPTN (National Higher Education Fund Corporation) when this should not have been the case as Yayasan Sabah, which owned large areas of timber resources, is financially sound to pay for the students’ fees.

“Why did Yong neglect his responsibility to direct Yayasan Sabah to assist those students forced to borrow from PTPTN?”

Despite this, Hamzah felt cooperation is still possible with all opposition parties, including SAPP.

“PH is open to negotiations with all parties, especially Warisan. Other parties such as PCS (Parti Cinta Sabah) and (four-party) Gabungan Sabah are also welcome.”

Yong was quoted as saying that in substance, BN and PH are the same because they only have Malaya’s interests in mind despite parading themselves as the true saviour of Malaysia.

“How to save Malaysia when the Malayan parties are destroying Malaysia? Look at their leaders’ records and what they have been saying about each other.

“How can DAP talk about excluding PAS from the government when they are in the same government with PAS?

“Look at Selangor. Isn’t DAP in the same government as PAS? This says a lot about the hypocrisy of DAP politics,” he said.

SAPP is a member of Gabungan Sabah or United Sabah Alliance.

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