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Praise for teenager helping elderly man enter mosque

 | October 16, 2017

Users on social media say non-Muslim teen displayed a random act of kindness, that showed the positive side of Malaysia in a week when prejudice hogged headlines.

helping-peoplePETALING JAYA: The kind actions of a teenager has started to gain some traction on social media with many praising the boy for helping an elderly man to get to a mosque while it was raining.

The teenager, a non-Muslim, was seen in a photo holding the elderly man and shielding his head from the rain as they entered the Masjid Al-Falah in USJ 9, Subang Jaya. The man was going to fulfil his Friday prayer obligation.

The post on Facebook, was shared by Rakan Muslimah Al-Falah II on Friday.

With more than 1,500 shares and even more likes, the photo had put a positive twist to a week in which the story capturing headlines had been about Islamic preacher Zamihan Mat Zin criticising non-Muslims claiming they were “unclean” and “unhygienic”.

New Straits Times reported on the comments from some users to the FB post, stating how they had voiced their appreciation to the teenager and thanking him for his act of kindness and compassion.

Facebook user Amie Jaafar said: “A healthy mind is a mind without prejudice, discrimination and fear as shown by the teenager.”

Wei Ji wrote: “Good to see this, we should have more people like this.”

Another user, Chow Yook May May wrote, “We are humans and should help one another regardless of race or religion. Hope that more people will do the same way as this young guy.”

Azizah Aw said: “Parents to this youngster must be very proud. Such act of kindness is a result from their positive upbringing.”

Sioleng Lim said: “This commonly happens in our society, where we help each other in need, regardless color of skin, religion or race. Satu Malaysia starts from you and I. This should be a good value to be shared. Do not be swindled by those politicians with evil minds! Syabas young man.”

The imam at the mosque told the daily that the elderly man is a regular there.

“His name is Pak Ali, and he always comes here to perform Duha prayer,” Mohd Zuwairi Mohd Yusof was quoted as saying.

He added that sometimes, Pak Ali would seek help from the passers-by to send him to the mosque.

Petronas’ marketing vice-president Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir, who is the mosque’s nazir, said the random act of kindness by the teenager showed that there are still good values in all Malaysians.

“The young man is a very good example of what a Malaysian can be and should be, which is to care and show their respect to one another.

“Everyone must play their part and help the community, regardless of their race and religion,” Syed Zainal was quoted as saying by NST.

He added that the mosque’s committee always works closely with the resident associations in the area.

“We believe that if we were to show good values and respect for one another (regardless of their background), it will encourage others to behave the same way.

“We should not let all the bad things in the social media affect our good judgement.”


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