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Why do toll rebates change with different festivals?

 | October 21, 2017

Consumer groups question the logic used by PLUS.


PETALING JAYA: Two consumer associations have criticised PLUS Malaysia Berhad for giving different toll discount rates for different national festivals.

They note that the rebate was 20% last Deepavali, whereas it was 30% during the Hari Raya celebrations and 50% on the weekends around Chinese New Year.

“It doesn’t make sense,” said N V Subbarow, an official of the Consumers Association of Penang. “The rebate should be standardised for all festivals. Why is there less percentage for Deepavali?”

He suggested a 50% rebate during all festivals.

George Jacob, the president of the Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam, also said he was against the differentiation.

He suggested that PLUS waive the toll charges altogether during festival periods.

“Due to the drastic increase in the volume of cars, the average trip from KL to Penang can take at least three and a half to four hours longer,” he said. “But PLUS makes more money when the volume of cars increases, irrespective of damaged roads and obstacles due to road repairs and accidents.

“For public holidays, I think PLUS should allow free passage because, basically, there are no services given to the road users. The idea of using highways is so that people can get to their destinations fast.”

He said PLUS could win a lot of goodwill by giving free passage to travellers on festive occasions. “I’m sure it can if it wants to,” he added.


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