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Kayveas: I’ve worked hard in Cameron Highlands for 3 years

 | October 24, 2017

The MyPPP president says his party is a better option than MIC to contest parliamentary seat in GE14.


KUALA LUMPUR: People’s Progressive Party (MyPPP) president M Kayveas says Cameron Highlands voters will be selective about who they should support as a BN candidate.

“They tell me if the candidate is myself, they will welcome it but if it comes from the previous party they will not.

“This is what I hear from everybody. They are willing to support me now.

“Which other candidate has been invited to private birthday parties, weddings and other functions?

“They invite me for coffee and tea in their homes and I have obliged because I know them and vice versa.

“We have organised a ‘Karnival Sukan’ monthly, a fashion week for the girls and classes for ladies to learn manicure or pedicure.

“We have also organised photography lessons and held entrepreneurship and leadership courses there.

“They welcome me everywhere I go because many people know me as it is my hometown.

“There are a lot of friends and relatives there who have been with me for a long time. I have been working the ground there for almost three years now,” he told FMT.

Kayveas said the people there were disappointed with MIC because they took the job of being a representative too easy and had a “forever mine” attitude about the constituency.

“They always took it for granted that it is a safe BN seat and that people there will always support the representative from BN.

“They also took the strong support from Jelai and the 5,000 to 6,000 Orang Asli votes for granted.

“They have always been comfortable until the last general election when the Chinese and Indians withdrew their support.

“As the representative of the people, we should be there to speak up, especially if issues affecting their rice bowl are unresolved. People will react.

“When there is a calamity, flood or landslides, nobody is seen there. You must be visible when you are their representative. Having your posters up is no longer enough; this is not 1946 politics.”

Kayveas said this was why he always advised BN to send a local there, someone who grew up and lived there and had sentiments about the place.

“When you parachute people to the area who have no knowledge or sentiments about the place, you will not have the passion for the place.

“So I think BN should look at people who have passion in their constituency, to build it and work with the people there,” he said.

Umno has always delivered the votes

Commenting on political analyst Awang Azman Pawi’s call to forget MIC and field an Umno candidate for Cameron Highlands, Kayveas said he understood what the academician was saying.

“I do not blame Umno for wanting the seat or this academician for stating Umno should get the seat as it has always delivered results through its strong support in Jelai.

“Umno is also frustrated as it has always delivered the votes.

“Jelai has always increased its winning margin while in Tanah Rata the votes have decreased until we lost.”

Kayveas said although that was the case, he was determined to change the scenario as he was the better alternative choice to an Umno candidate.

“I have worked in Cameron Highlands for three years after getting the go-ahead from the prime minister and the scenario there has changed now. We have shown that we are willing to work.

“Umno overall have enough seats, so we would be the best alternative choice for the seat. A multiracial party would be more suitable for the seat and accepted by all.”

Kayveas said he was confident in securing at least a 2,000-vote majority win if he was named the candidate for Cameron Highlands.

“We have registered close to 5,000 new voters. About 3,000 are already voting in the next general election and 2,000 are currently pending checks by the Election Commission (EC).

“We had 28,000 voters in 2013 and now we have 31,000, who are all pro-MyPPP and pro-BN supporters.”

The tussle for the seat involving MyPPP and MIC has seen both parties claiming Prime Minister Najib Razak had promised the seat to them.

Cameron Highlands has been deemed as MIC’s traditional seat as it has held the seat since 2004.

The parliamentary constituency is currently represented by former MIC president G Palanivel, who won it in the 13th general election, with a narrow majority of 462 votes.

In GE14, MyPPP also intends to contest in Kota Laksamana (Melaka), Guchil (Kelantan), Kota Alam Shah (Selangor) and Buntong (Perak).

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