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Warisan to Khairy: You don’t know Sabah youth problems

 | November 14, 2017

Warisan Youth chief Mohd Azis Jamman says Sabah’s youths still find it hard to get jobs in the state and have to migrate to the peninsula despite decades of BN rule.

Mohd-Azis-JammanKOTA KINABALU: Parti Warisan Sabah (Warisan) today hit back at Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin for saying the local opposition party was giving Sabah youths false hope, adding that he had completely missed the mark.

Warisan Youth leader Mohd Azis Jamman said perhaps Khairy did not realise that Sabah youths did not have a lot of hope from the current government anyway.

Azis also said he found it amusing that Khairy had repeatedly tried to prove Barisan Nasional’s (BN) good works in Sabah by pointing to the Pan Borneo Highway.

“He only managed to cite the Pan Borneo Highway as an example of BN’s fulfilled promise to youths. What is he talking about? In the peninsula, how many ‘Pans’ are already there?

“Does he realise our youths have to migrate to the peninsula and work in factories in Johor, Kelantan, Penang and Selangor?

“How many years has BN ruled Sabah? Fifty years? And yet our youths still do not have job opportunities,” he said at a press conference here today.

Azis said Sabah’s economy was in dire straits, to the point that it was not even able to attract investors to build manufacturing industries.

The former Semporna Umno youth chief also reminded Khairy that youths in Sabah were often overlooked in terms of education, especially when it came to scholarships.

“It was only after (Warisan president) Shafie Apdal became the rural and regional development minister in charge of Mara that we got to see a large number of Sabahans receiving scholarships from that agency.

“I don’t know if Khairy realises this or not, but before Shafie, we could count with our fingers the number of Sabahans sponsored by Mara.”

Azis also challenged Khairy to reveal how many public service department (PSD) scholars right now were Sabahans, adding that it could not be more than 20.

He said Sabah was rich in resources, but that it was saddening to note there were only a handful of Sabah companies listed on Bursa Malaysia’s main market.

“Khairy wants us to be proud of BN because of the Pan Borneo Highway which is not even completed yet. And now we are told the project is facing lots of problems and the progress is too slow. Is that what he wants our youths to be proud of?” he asked.

In fact, he said, if Khairy was sincere about engaging with Sabah’s youths, he did not need to come to the state as he could easily find hundreds of thousands of them in the peninsula.

“If you want to know how Sabahans feel, gather them there. You can easily fill up a stadium.”

Even when he was still in Umno, Azis said the lack of job opportunities for Sabah youths had been one of the main issues discussed.

He said the problem was compounded by the fact that Sabahans were not given a chance to become heads of departments.

The vice-chancellor post in Universiti Malaysia Sabah, he said, was one of the thorniest issues back then, and even though a Sabahan now heads the university, all three of his deputies are non-Sabahans.

“When Khairy said we are giving our youths false hope, we want to know from him, what has Umno done for Sabah’s youths?” he added.


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